Friday, July 18, 2008

Cats are so Adventurous

I was reading Daisy the Curly Cat blog (like I do everyday) for a laugh and today's post reminded me of something Spunky Doodle did. Daisy was trying to climb up on top of the kitchen cupboard. Daisy's mom does an outstanding job of catching Daisy in action and makes a whole comic sequence that is really funny to read.

While I was getting dressed one morning, Spunky Doodle decided she wanted to jump up on top of my wardrobe which is higher than anything she was ever on before. She went on the bed and then up on the headboard and took a big leap up to the top of the wardrobe.

Moe found it entertaining just to watch her up there and hopped up on the chair, looking up at her. She didn't know how to get down once she got up there. I tried to get a hold of her to help her down, but she just backed up so I couldn't. After not too long at time, she worked up the courage to take the leap back down to the bed. She only went up a couple times after that. I think it just isn't worth the trip down for her.

It's funny how brave cats are going up but it's another thing coming back down.


Daisy said...

Hahahaha! Silly Spunky Doodle! She sounds a lot like me. I am obsessed with climbing high, but the top of the kitchen cupboard has defeated me. It is just too high!

Thanks for the link. You are nice!

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