Sunday, July 20, 2008

How Gerard and I Found Each Other Through Great Expectations

I never dated much at all since I was perfectly happy with my single life and didn't really know anyone I had any romantic interest in. Besides, it wasn't like anyone was asking me out. I was very involved in church activities--AWANA club, teaching Jr./Sr. High Sunday School, bowling in two leagues, and work. Gerard never dated much at all either. His life consisted of work, reading, watching sports on TV and gardening. We both got to the point where we realized we didn't want to grow old alone so decided to look for a love interest.

We both decided to take action and signed up at Great Expectations. It cost plenty, around $1,000, but they assured me that the cost helped keep out those who aren't really serious about finding a suitable mate. Another thing they said was that you'd spend more than that on a car which lasts only a few years. Isn't finding a husband worth as much?

So, my man hunt began and his quest for a good woman. I wrote up my profile and did the taped interview which I thought turned out very bad. I wasn't very pleased with it to say the least, but I was determined to be myself so guys would not be misled. I was very nervous doing it and my eyes kept looking away from the camera. Since I was looking for a real relationship with someone compatible, it was very important that I give honest, candid answers. I wanted someone who I would be comfortable with and who I could be myself with.

Gerard found me first in the profile books in November. He was in his second year there. When I got the call that someone wanted to meet me, I went up to check them out. When I first saw Gerard's video, I thought, nah, I don't think so but then I caught myself and realized I was judging on looks. I thought how shallow of me, and after all, I'm no great looker either. I stuck to my basic strategy of accepting to meet anyone expressing an interest in me first (after all, the guys I was choosing certainly weren't working out). Boy, am I glad I gave Gerard a chance! As it turned out, he's the one for me and I for him!

It took a lot of courage but I believe God was bringing us both together through this. My advice for anyone going through any matchmaking route or dating service is to be honest and open. What you see is what you get should be your attitude and hopefully, the other person will be honest with you as well. That's really the kicker, isn't it?


Daisy said...

What a great story! You were very brave to take that first step to sign up.

The Author said...

That's a wonderful story. You are so right about being honest and being yourself.
I'm so happy you found each other and are happily married now.

Anonymous said...

I love this story.

You and I sound a lot alike! I met my future husband through an online dating service, and my sister met her future husband through an online dating service as well.

People make fun of it, but it's a great way to save time! You can easily find out who's compatible with you and wants the same things in life, without going on hundreds of dates. Awesome!

Mrs4444 said...

That's awesome. You're so compatible. I can't honestly think of a better way to meet the right mate these days. I'm glad you found each other :) Thanks for sending the link!

Karen and Gerard said...

Yes, it took a lot of courage and MONEY but we are both glad we did it!

Mountain Woman:
So are we!

Glad you liked our story and also have a good story to tell. Sounds like we think alike!

Thanks for asking! We do mesh very well. It was fun going through the process. We both took it very seriously.

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