Monday, July 21, 2008

Movie: Kit Kettridge--An American Girl Very Enjoyable

Since Gerard and I couldn't agree on a movie to see that we both were interested in, I went to see "The Dark Knight" with him and he came to see "Kit Kettredge--An American Girl" with me. As it turned out, both were good movies, but very different.

I liked Kit Kettredge because it was cute, humorous and heartwarming. It was a nice, wholesome family movie but pretty predictable. It is about a family living during the depression and how the little girl wanted to be a reporter and made her dream come true through being persistent and not giving up. Because of her determination, she proved her hobo friends were innocent of the robberies and got her family's savings back. I found the part where her hobo friends taught her how to read hobo was interesting.

Gerard said it is a predictable happy ending, movie with bumbling criminals, kids being heroic with a dog and monkey thrown in for added entertainment. He thinks he was the only man there--maybe he was. I couldn't tell because it was dark. Gerard made the analogy of our taste in movies as his being like a roller coaster--preferring fast-paced, ups and downs with surprising twists and turns and I like the old folks rides that are calm, predictable and peaceful. That's not entirely true; however, in this case it was a pretty good analogy.

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John B. said...

I have never heard of Kit Kettredge but it sounds pretty good. I may see it next time I go to the theaters. Actually I take that back, the next thing that I am seeing is definitely the Dark Night. I heard it is one of the best movies ever.

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