Friday, July 11, 2008

New Reality Show: "The Greatest American Dog"

This is a show Gerard and I both laughed at and enjoyed immensely! We both like dogs and there were 12 on here to start. The sad part is that each week one dog and owner gets voted off (similar to Survivor). I felt bad for the owner that got voted off first, but his dog didn't seem to care at all! There is a panel of three judges who are knowledgeable about dogs and are qualified to judge the relationships between the dogs and their owners.

The premise is to end up with the Great American dog through the process of elimination. Each week the owners teach their dogs new things. The first night the dogs played musical chairs which was cute. The winner of the little competition had to choose one dog and owner to spend the night in the dog house. The New Yorker in a suit was the first to be chosen. It was nice to see the other dog owners bring amenities out to him so he could be more comfortable. Finally, a show that showed people being nice to each other for a change!

The winner of the competition also got a golden bone and the privilege of staying in a special room that was decorated to look sort of like a park. It was very cool! His dog got a real bone.

You can take a look at all the dogs at and then on the right side of the screen is a big box to click on that says "Greatest American Dog Fan Club." Go see them! They are all sizes and breeds. I like Leroy because he was funny. As soon as he arrived, he took off for the swimming pool and he barks a lot too! They stay a a very fancy place! If you like dogs, you gotta watch this show! Thursday night, 8 p.m. channel 19 (Eastern time).


Daisy said...

We watched last night, too! It seemed like good fun, even though I was a little sad when the first person and dog got voted off. And I felt sorry for the guy who had to sleep in the doghouse!

Wasn't it funny when that one dog ran right into the pool and he didn't even know how to swim?

Karen and Gerard said...

I liked that dog that took off for the pool right away--I think it was Leroy (the one that kept barking a lot too). I guess the dog that jumped in the pool just thought it looked like fun so he'd try it too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you daisy . It wasnt that funny.

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