Thursday, July 10, 2008

Organizing Tip of Week 4: Clothes

Organize clothes by season first, and sub organize by type and rotate them. Providing you have the closet space, put fall/winter clothes in storage closet and spring/summer clothes in bedroom closet. Then switch them when the season changes. Have a sweater drawer, t-shirt drawer, sweatshirt drawer, and jean/shorts drawer, underwear-socks drawer. I find that rolling the clothes instead of folding them works best because you can see them all and take them in and out easily. It also prevents them from getting as wrinkled. In the closets I put dresses together, then pantsuits, then polo shirts, then other blouses and tops.

I have so many clothes (thanks mostly to my wonderful husband who buys me nice clothes all the time) that I take from the left end of the drawer and put them back on the right end. If I find that I want to skip something, it's time to give that one away or try to sell it on eBay.


Daisy said...

This is very good advice. I have my very own closet for all of my fashions!

Karen and Gerard said...

Oh Daisy, you have such a nice wardrobe, too! I can see why you need your own closet!

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