Thursday, July 17, 2008

How Should You Get Fit?

After being married for awhile, I noticed my weight going up and up. At first I thought there was something wrong with the scale but then I finally faced the fact that I was putting on weight and felt pretty lazy all the time. I went up to 150 and that was when I decided I better join Fitworks, lose some weight and get into shape. I also met with a personal trainer once a week because I knew nothing about working out or how to use all those scary looking machines and didn't want to hurt myself. I am the type person who likes to do things right or not at all.

I had success in this, losing 30 pounds which brought me back down to a good weight for my height, but then I was STILL losing and dropped another 10 pounds which was really too much. I wasn't even doing much cardio at all, just the strength training. This was my third year of strength training meeting with a trainer once a week. I got bored with working out and I was tired of getting new trainers all the time. The Fitworks where I went had a big turnover rate so I was constantly changing trainers. When I lost all my excess weight and the trainer I was working with was let go, I decided to quit. Weather was getting nice and I found I'd rather stay outside than work out at lunch time. The other problem I encountered was that the trainers at the Fitworks near my home didn't work on Saturday mornings which is the time I would like to go. (This was my favorite trainer and he told me I was his best client.) The personal trainer is not cheap either, so I decided to stop and just let my husband go by himself. Once I quit with the trainer, I just had no motivation to go at all since I reached my goal.

I have some workout videos an exercise book with many different exercises and routines laid out. FITNESS magazine which we subscribed to for awhile had short workouts in it that I certainly could do at home, but I seldom do. I am just not motivated anymore. I feel good, I walk, I love to play tennis, but to go on a treadmill or just exercise doesn't appeal to me anymore.

Following are my results from taking this quiz. I fully agree. Maybe I should get a Wi! I hear they have a fitness game that's pretty fun.

Your Fitness Type: Playful

You enjoy exercise as long as it doesn't feel like work.

Working out is your playtime, and you're up for any exercise that's fun.

Try exercise that involves a little friendly competition, like basketball, softball, or volleyball.

Or you may even like exercising with a fitness video game. Anything that makes you feel like a kid again.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like were a lot alike. I think my fitness level would be playful as well.

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