Friday, July 25, 2008

Strange Disappearing Act at Work Upon Return from Two Week Vacation

A very goofy thing happend at work yesterday. It's only my second day back from being off two weeks so I'm still trying to get into work mode. Perhaps staying up until 11:30 on the computer last night may have something to do with it as well.

Anyhow, here's what happened: I was in my boss's office yesterday when his phone rang so I wrote a message for him. (I should have just let it go into voice mail.) Unfortunately, the message paper just disappeared into thin air! I got a licorice stick from his goodie supply which I was unwrapping as I was walking back to my desk to send him an email or put it into his voice mail, but started going the wrong direction. (I'm still not used to my new location yet.) I turned around and discovered I didn't have the message but I still had my licorice stick! I retraced my steps thinking perhaps I dropped it while opening the licorice but couldn't find it anywhere. I rechecked his office several times.

My memory not being as sharp as it once was since I am 54 now, all I remembered of it was this:

Nel from Dr. Jerome F_____'s office (associated with Dr. Cohen) called to set up a November appointment for him. I know the number had some 4's in it but that's all I remember.

I even tried the scribble technique with a pencil on the page under to see the indentations left but I guess that only works in the movies or on TV. It wasn't legible. We have a phone system at work where it stores recent calls placed and received so I check that for the number, but wouldn't you know, it wasn't there.

Hopefully, Nel will call back if she doesn't get a call from him (hey, maybe she'll see this post!). I just told my boss this morning that I'm not adjusted to being back here yet after being off two weeks on vacation! I really don't know what happened to it--it just disappeared--POOF! All I can figure is I must have dropped it and someone else must have picked it up. I checked my pockets and then rechecked his office several times thinking I may have laid it back down in there but no message there either. Poof, it's gone!

Good thing my boss is a kind, considerate, patient and very understanding gentleman and that this call wasn't work related. It could have been worse. I will definitely be going to bed earlier tonight since I overslept 40 minutes this morning. I NEVER do that!


Daisy said...

As long as you still had your licorice stick, I think all is well.

jitendra said...

Hey Karen & Gerard,

Jitendra from SezWho here.

Everything seems to work good now...Please let me know if you still have any issues.


Susan Cook said...

Sounds like you do have a nice boss. Some aren't as understanding. I wonder what happened to that message? I hate when that happens.

I also just played the kibble game for cats. I guess cats have big eyes compared to their body then other animals. got it wrong I answered ears.

Karen and Gerard said...

All is well. Nel called him back and he was very nice about the whole thing and yes, Daisy, at least I didn't lose my licorice stick!

Sue: Don't feel bad, I picked the same answer as you. You can also feed dogs too on the same screen up at the top right corner there's a place to click for a doggie question.

Tony said...

We have a code we have to enter to get into our building. After a long vacation, I come to work and just starred the keypad with absolutely know idea what my code could be. I have to not think about it a hope muscle reflex gets it right.

I off all this week. Hopefully one week won't do me in.

P.S. Now I know this is a new layout. I like it.

Karen and Gerard said...

Thanks for you comment, Tony, about your keycard memory loss. I can certainly identify. I had to really think to remember my password! Glad you like my new layout design. Ana at Chica & Pumuckl made it for me and walked me through how to get it working.

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