Thursday, July 10, 2008

Personal News Network--Easy to Use & Fun to Read

The Personal News Network is a place for personal blogs and personal news. It is so easy to create a blog there and there are many good posts too if you like personal things.

One of my My Space friends, J Kathleen ( author of "Out of the Ashes") recommended PNN to me and I am very grateful. My first blog was done there called "Zemeks Updates." It has two especially nice features that I like that aren't available on blogspot--at least not to my knowledge.

(1) It is very simple to create a navigation bar and have a whole lot of different sections to your blog. The sections I have on mine are:

What We've Just Read (books Gerard and I review as we read them)

Sports With Gerard and Leo (Gerard's comments and Leo the Wahoo Lion's comments on sports, mostly their favorite teams)

Life is Tough But God is Good (My thoughts on some things.)

Cat Corner--MEOW (Things related to cats, incuding posts by my cats: Spunky Doodle & Manny)

Parma Heights Baptist Church (Our church news, activities, comments)

Political Stuff (I'm not big on politics, but sometimes will include comments or things political here)

My Funny Dad, Harry (my first blog entry about the book I wrote in memory of my dad)

Reviews on My Book (Some book reviews I received on "My Funny Dad, Harry")

Karen, the Author? (Why I wrote the book.)

Our Miracle Cat, Moe (Pictures and text to memorialize our first, wonderful cat and share his story with the world. I never saw another cat that looked just like him. He had a special mark down his nose and sort of looked like a spotted cow. It's his picture on my Entrecard)

Favorite Web Sites (Just a short list similar to the one on the side bar here.)

(2) Not only can you have a lot of sections, but you can rearrange them very easily anytime you want as well as rearranging your posts on the page any way and any time you wish.

The only downside to PNN it that it doesn't use Entrecard.

Here is a link to my PNN blog and to a PNN directory of interesting posts

I hope you will give PNN a look!


Anonymous said...

I have never created a blog online. But might be this time.

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