Monday, July 14, 2008

Let the Teens Play Whiffle Ball in Greenwich Field!

I read an article by Connie Schultz in the Cleveland PLAIN DEALER yesterday about a community in an uproar over some teens who just want to have fun. In the wealthy community of Greenwich, Connecticut, about 10-15 teens spent about a month cleaning up an overgrown lot which no one cared about. They fixed it up into a whiffle ball field and many teens play there now. I was glad to see some upbeat news for a change and it brought back some great memories. It's really rare nowadays to see kids creating their own fun and having a good time without adults organizing their activities.

When I was a little girl, I thought it would be cool to have nine kids so we'd have enough for a family baseball team. (This idea died around age 12.) I dreamed about making a ball field in my backyard one day. I used to love baseball! These teens actually did it! BRAVO!!

It's hard to believe everyone isn't thrilled and applauding these teens that are not in gang warfare, or selling drugs to little kids, or being promiscuous. They are not vandalizing or bullying people. All they are doing is having some fun playing whiffle ball. A whiffle ball is plastic and a plastic bat is used to hit it. We used to play home run derby in our driveway on occasion with a whiffle ball. It is unlikely that even if it hit a window, it would break.

I can't believe how grouchy some people are. One neighbor actually hired a lawyer to shut down the field. A town meeting about this whiffle ball controversy is set for tomorrow. I'm pulling for the teens! Thankfully, the community response is mostly for the kids. I really think sometimes older people are just plain jealous of the fun kids and teens have so they complain "they make too much noise." These teens cleaned up an eyesore and should be appreciated and congratulated for their initiative! Go Teens!

Great news story, Connie! Thank you.


Daisy said...

Oh, I am FOR the kids having fun playing Whiffle Ball!

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