Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Semi-Annual Golf Outing at Washington Park in Newburgh Heights, Ohio

Yesterday Gerard and I went golfing. There is a nice easy par 3 course in his old neighborhood of Newburgh Heights that is good for slow golfers like us. Even little kids play and learn to golf there. Die-hard golfers who are very good would not choose that course. That's one reason why we like it because we don't feel pressured that we're holding others up. It was a beautiful day for golf, not too hot with a gentle breeze and blue skies.

I never knew what a "Mulligan" was until I played golf. It's actually a do-over. Gerard had 3 or 4 mulligans yesterday. He'd top the ball and it would only go a little ways, usually off to one side or the other. That's when he throws down his club in frustration and takes it over. He doesn't keep score. It's too upsetting. We just enjoy being outdoors and hitting the ball around. I think the term if "hacker."

Gerard was off to the left with most of his tee shots. This one, he hit out of the bushes and across the whole green to the other side. His approach shots are the worst of his game. No wonder though, the only club he ever uses is his driver or his putter. He won't use anything else.

It's always a great feeling when I finally hit a good shot! Here, I am on the 9th hole and finally, get my tee shot on the green! I was close sometimes earlier but not quite. Sometimes I was way to the right, even on the cart path once! My next shot off the path though was good. See, when I hit a bad shot, then I look at it as a challenge to recoup and usually my next shot is very good.

Here on the 9th hole, I finally made par! What a great feeling since it's so rare. I usually get a 5 on a par 3 hole. Today though, I even had two 7s which was very frustrating! I was so excited when I sunk my putt for par that I jumped up and down! We only lost one ball today so that was better than Gerard expected.

I like the challenge of golf and think I could actually be good at it if I went regularly. It's just so expensive though and it does take a whole afternoon up or morning or evening. That's part of the beauty of it though--it's relaxing in that it gets you away from the other stuff you normally do and actually gives me a break. We spent $21 yesterday on our golf outing. The only league we ever played in was a church couples scramble where you play the best ball out of the four people in the foursome. That was fun because there's no pressure. Sometimes, my shot was actually the best!

Gerard's tee shot on hole 3--"Strike One"

Here's my par shot when I jump up and down:

I felt better about our golf outing after I saw Barkley's Golf Swing on NE Patriots Draft blog


Anonymous said...

I've never ever played golf in my life (isn't that horrible?? We have three courses near us so there is no excuse.) But I would love to learn. I'm putting that on my to do list!

Karen and Gerard said...

I recommend you take some lessons first.

Tony said...

I've tried to play golf a few times. Back in my single days I probably played a couple times a year. I don't know if I spent more on green fees or lost golf balls. Anyway, thankfully for my ego, I no longer have time.

Jane Jane said...

Yay! Those videos made me want to try golfing again, after I got frustrated on my first try. I just want to feel the thrill of aiming for that "hole," again. :)

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