Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sunday Sharing: Leave Revenge To God

This week my highlight is from I Samuel 24, my Sunday School lesson today.  The background is that King Saul has been trying to kill David on several occasions.  David gets the perfect opportunity to kill Saul in a cave but instead just cuts off part of his robe.  First Samuel 24:12, 15 is part of the conversation David had with Saul shortly afterward:
 (12) May the Lord judge between us and may he punish you for the wrong you have done to me!  But I won't fight you. (15) May the Lord be our judge and decide between you and me.  May the Lord support me and show that I am right.  May he save me from you. (David speaking to Saul)
I am glad that God is our judge and sees all and knows our hearts.  I am glad that when I am wronged, I can let God deal with the situation and have peace.  I just need to do what's right and let God take care of everything.  David demonstrated forgiveness and kindness to Saul, his enemy.  

What was your scripture highlight this week?

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Sandee said...

It takes a lot of faith in God to do what David did. Yes it did.

Have a blessed Sunday. :)

Sue said...

David set many examples for us to follow. A man truly after God's heart. Thank for sharing.

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