Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Sharing: Highlights from "David, Seeking a Heart Like His" by Beth Moore

I started the Beth Moore Bible study on David and thought I'd share some things that stood out to me from week 1:

  1. Jonathan was a good warrior and Trusted God. In I Samuel 14;:6 He said, "Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few." I also never realized what a good leader he was. His armor bearer trusted Jonathan completely so Jonathan was also a very good leader. (I Samuel 14) pp. 14-15

  2. Saul was the King of the people, not the king God chose. Saul's position exceeded his passion. "A position that exceeds passion often settles with appeasements." pp. 9, 12

  3. When Saul forced his men to fast, he put his army in jeopardy (I Samuel 14:24-52). "God, not man, must call "fasts. Fasting called by God will result in strength, not weakness. Fasting for any other reason works against us rather than for us." p. 15 

  4. "God reminded Samuel that the human mind has an overwhelming tendency to make assumptions based on appearances. God's choices don't always make sense to us." p. 21 (see I Samuel 16:7)

  5. "Before Calvary, the Holy Spirit worked to empower specific types of service rather than to bring a new relationship with God through salvation. Fewer than 100 people in the Old Testament were ever characterized by the Holy Spirit being on or in them. The Holy Spirit came on only those who were being empowered for specific tasks or positions." p. 25

  6. "Although David's anointing did not end Saul's reign as king, it marked the end of the power and favor of God on him." David wasn't crowned king until 15 years after being anointed. p. 35

  7. "We tend to measure our obstacles against our own strength. Thus we often feel overwhelmed and defeated before the battle begins." We need to measure the size of our obstacles against the size of our God. p. 30

This is just a small sample of the nuggets in this Bible study. I am excited to study each chapter and learn more. I highly recommend it!  Please share your scripture highlight of the week in a comment.  I'd love to hear what you discovered.

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I've done a lot of Beth Moore's Bible studies and always learn so much and feel so inspired! This one sounds very interesting. I'll look for it.

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