Thursday, September 19, 2013

Browns Need Encouragement, Not Criticism--GO BROWNS!

Watching the Browns-Ravens game was painful and although the one word that came to mind as a Browns fan to describe that game was "pathetic" I will try to refrain from picking them apart.  God wants us to show love to one another and build each other up, not tear them down so . . . I am going to give that a shot in this post concerning the Browns.

There were some bright spots such as:

  • Our kicker did his job--he really was great!  The Ravens would have had even more points if their kicker did as well as ours did.

  • Greg Little had a good start, holding on to his first to passes.  It's a beginning.  Now try to get three completed in a row next game!

  • You can hang with the best of them--after all, you even had the lead at halftime and the final score wasn't too bad!  When you lose a game that close, there is hope.  Had a few things gone our way (like making that first down which doesn't get any closer than that), who knows?  We could be 2-0 right now.  Play as if we are 2-0, not 0-2 because that is what we should be.  We need to stay positive and don't give up!!!!

  • Brandon Weeden made some major improvements from game 1 to game 2--had three interceptions against the Dolphins, none against the Ravens! Now, if you could only run a bit more instead of getting sacked so much.

  • Kudos to the defense!  Holding the Ravens to just 14 points was amazing!  We should have won with that.

Here are a few suggestions I have to help the Browns improve:

Get a good mascot!  The Ravens actually have a live raven!  How hard would it be to get a BIG live dog for the Browns?  It could run around the field at halftime and maybe during the pregame time.  Teach it to bark at the opposing team!  It could be a lot of fun and really be a great help to the team in the clubhouse. 

Avoid the penalties.  If you are a football player, then you need to learn the rules of football and don't make the same mistakes again, and again.  I congratulate Cousins on his play Sunday who showed great improvement over the week before against the Dolphins when he cost the team many yards because of holding not once, not twice, but three times!  You did much better against the Ravens, good job!

However, the penalty that hurt us last week was for "delaying the game" which happened three times!  These kinds of things really make you look bad.  Here's a thought, why not plan ahead what play to do in different situations so everyone knows ahead what to expect and perhaps could get lined up and ready to go within the time limit?  This is such an easy area to improve on--try really hard this week not to repeat the same penalties over and over!

Remember Which Way To Go!  Seriously, when they got to the Red Zone, only a few yards from the goal line, they actually lost yards on the next three plays!  This is not how you win.  We must forge AHEAD, preferably around the pack of opposing players right in front of the ball carrier and not through them.  That play seldom works for us.  Just sayin'.

No Fighting!  Fighting really makes you look bad and does not contribute to helping the team win the game which is the goal.  Play nice but be tough, show some class.

Don't Broadcast Your Plans. Can't anyone else run with the ball besides Trent Richardson? It's so obvious what the Browns will do next. All the other team has to do is look for Trent Richardson, if he's on the field, it will be a running play. If he's not, it will be a passing play. Try to be more devious.  Now that Trent has been traded to the Colts, guess this problem is solved.  We should really have two running backs in at the same time so there's some mystery as to who will be the ball carrier.

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Sandee said...

I don't watch sports so I've nothing negative to say. Well perhaps one thing... I don't think many don't show good sportsmanship and many get paid way, way too much.

Have a terrific day. ☺

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