Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oh Happy Day--Congrats to the Indians and the Browns!

Woo Hoo!  Did you see that Dawg Pound Banner at the game?
I am so happy the Browns beat the Bengals!  This is HUGE for us.  I watched most of the game and listened to some on the car radio, cheering while driving along.  They took the lead in the first quarter and never lost it!  It looks like Brian Hoyer is now our starting quarterback--the only one who won his first two games as a Brown.  The Browns played tough the whole game and the defense did a great job!  The game ended with the Browns taking a knee and letting the time run out--can't remember the last time they had that luxury!  The home crowd certainly had something to cheer about today!  My Browns are tie for first in their division and our rival, the Steelers are 0-4! 

Then, to top it off, the Indians clinched the wild card winning their last 10 games.  Congrats to the tribe for making it to the post-season.  It's been a long time since you got this far.

It looks like I will be a bit sleep deprived this week with the Indians playing Wednesday night for the opportunity to move on to play against Boston.  Then Thursday the Browns will play Buffalo.  I really wish the games would start earlier but I will do my best to stay awake to watch at least most of the game . . . I know I could tape it, but it takes all the fun out of it when you know the outcome ahead.

Can you guess what my favorite thing about fall is?  Sports!  Football and post-season baseball if my team is involved.  What's your favorite thing about fall? 

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Sandee said...

Well you are definitely into sports. Good for you.

Have a terrific week. :)

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