Friday, February 26, 2010

7 Things I Learned This Week-#60

I've had quite a week!

My Gym Membership

I had frozen my gym membership at Fitness 19 and then learned that it is now unfrozen when I saw the charge on my credit card. It would have been nice if they had sent me a reminder notification that it would be active again in January. Now it's another 30 days before I can cancel it for good. I'll be charged again this month and again in March! I am canceling because I just don't go enough to get my money's worth and when I do go, I find myself thinking I'd rather be doing something else. Ho hum, how did I know I was going to want to cancel completely back when I froze it? I hate throwing my money away like this!

The Bachelor

According to US WEEKLY (March 2010), Ali will be the next Bachelorette. Apparently, her new employer has approved her to have the time off. It said Facebook was the employer that told her to get back to work or she'd lose her job.


I learned that if I change my e-savings account to a different account, I can earn a higher interest. How did I learn this? I asked. You would think banks could just have a set rate for all savings accounts and make it simple, but no, everything has to be a hassle. I asked why they didn't tell me about this sooner and was told it's just new and there will be some commercials about it. I would think they could have put a simple message to me through my on-line banking about this. Don't they know people would like to get as high an interest as possible on their savings??? You may want to check out other options at your bank.

American Heart Month

At John's post on EZGreatLife: "Getting To The Heart Of The Problem", I learned that February is American Heart Month. It's quite a good post he wrote about his scary experience with heart attack symptoms worth a trip over there.

Firefox Browser

Thanks to Rebecca at Freaky Frugalite, I finally was able to get my Firefox Browser open and working again. Boy, did I miss that! She left me a detailed step-by-step comment on my I Even Multi-task When I Relax post.

I Was Hacked On Twitter

Yes, Monday I learned someone hacked my Twitter account--very upsetting! For more details read Yikes, I Didn't Send That!

Tourette Syndrome

When watching "Front of the Class" on the Hallmark Channel I learned about Tourette Syndrome which is an incurable condition that causes people to make strange noises and movements at random times which they can't control. This movie was very good because it showed a boy with this condition who wanted to be a teacher and pursued his dream and became one of the best! Gerard also read the book and you can read his review at Zemek's Updates.

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Daisy said...

I am a little bit disappointed that Ali is going to be the next Bachelorette. It's strange that her employer wouldn't let her go another week or two to finish the Bachelor, but she can get all this time off for her own show!

Lin said...

I heard that numerous Twitter accounts were hacked. I'm getting more careful about how many things I sign up for now. Crazy, isn't it??

The Black Sheep said...

I liked Ali! Glad she'll get the second chance!

Do me a favor please--all of my readers lost my feed this weekend when I switched to Word Press. Can you visit my site at and re-subscribe to my feed or re-follow me through google? THANKS :)

Sandee said...

Our gym is in the garage. I went to the gym in my 30s and found that it cost way too much for the little use. I'm sorry that you are going to have to pay for the next three months.

I'm happy you have Firefox up and running. It is indeed a great program.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

We used to belong to a gym. Finally quit and bought our own elliptical and treadmill. Great decision on our part!


Anonymous said...

What? I don't like Ali that much! She was always accusing Vienna of being catty, up to the point where she became the catty one!

Should have been Gia. What a sweetheart! and great hair!

Rebecca said...

Aw, Karen, thanks for the mention. I'm so glad you're happy with the fix! I have had my share of frustrating tech problems and it's a blessing to help others.

As far as Twitter, the best thing anyone can o is never click a link in an email and then sign in to an account. It's just too risky.

BeadedTail said...

It irritates me too that banks make it so difficult to get better rates, etc. It's just like deals for card holders for grocery stores - why don't they just lower the price for everyone?

John B said...

Wow Karen, you did have quite a week!

It doesn't surprise me that the bank didn't tell you about the higher rate. I had a similar experience with my insurance rates. I was eligible for a discount, but didn't know it until I called and asked for a better rate. :)

Seems everyone is having problems with their Twitter and FB accounts being hacked...dang hackers!

Thanks for the link love and for helping to spread the word about American Heart Month Karen!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Just stopping by to thank you for visiting me on my SITS day and leaving me some blog love! Everyone was so sweet and I really enjoyed the day!


Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Daisy: I know, that's what we thought too. I saw someone leave a comment that she declined the offer though because she is dating someone--maybe Jake? Such drama!

Lin: From now on when I use that tiny url, I'll be using the one that allows the reader to preview the link first. It just bugs me that some people have to ruin a good thing for everyone else.

Dhrissy: what a shame, it's scary making a switch because you don't know what's going to get goofed up. That's why I'm still with blogger.

Sandee: I used to go to the gym regularly when I was at Fitworks because there was one close to my work so I'd go before work or during lunch. Now when I get home, I really don't want to go workout in the evening. And yes, I like Firefox way better than IE.

Wonderful World of Weiners: I like walking outside better than on a machine and did get a balance ball and Bosu ball for my birthday and Christmas last year so I'm set for now. I lost interest when I had a lumpectomy and couldn't lift or do chest exercises after my surgery.

Gringationcancun: Gia seems very nice too, I like them both!

Rebecca: I'll try to remember not to do that--thanks!

Beaded Tail: AMEN! How can we get this changed? I'm sure most people feel the same way.

John: We have our home and auto with State Farm and they give us discounts. Being hacked was very unsettling to me. I'm seriously thinking of terminating my Twitter account, especially now the my new blog posts from blogspot aren't being automatically posted there. I don't know why.

Mrs4444 said...

The heart issue post was compelling!

Make sure your passwords have numbers, letters, and symbols, to ensure security.

Tourettes is a tough condition, especially for students. I once had one who honked like a goose on a pretty regular basis. His parents hated having him on the meds because they had bad side effects, but the effects of no meds was pretty harmful, too.

Ruthi said...

Oh, I didn't know that I will get higher interest in my savings account just by changing it. Thanks for this info... very helpful especially in this depressing economic situation. And I'm so sorry about your twitter being hacked. I hate hackers.

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