Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Friday night I dreamed about Mr. Moe, our very first cat! It was such a nice dream of Moe letting me hold and pet him up and even cuddle him up. It was just like he was back with us again! Following is my very first blog post on here which was about Moe. Since there were no comments, I thought I'd repost it from April 12, 2008:

We got Moe from the Parma Animal Shelter June of 2000 at approximately 8 years old. He was a great cat as you can see from these pictures. .
Moe enjoying his tuna pops (Ice cubes with tun juice frozen on top).

Moe and Gerard liked reading together

Ain't I cute?

A rare occasion, Moe on Karen's lap.

Moe playing with the feather on the string in his younger days.

Moe was a nice, soft pillow. He didn't usually mind me resting my head on him.

I never saw another cat with exactly his markings. Some were close,
but none had the black on the nose like Moe did.

Moe liked to lay on the newspaper right under Gerard's nose!

Here's a good shot of Moe, he was such a nice cat!

Here's Moe lying under our bedroom dresser.

Here's Moe being a bit playful, hiding under Buddy Bear.

Moe lived to be 15 1/2. He survived fatty liver disease which he had when we first got him and later developed a thyroid problem. I had Methomizole (I called it ear goop) that I had to put on his ears alternately every night. We both still miss Moe. He died during the night of New Year's Eve 2008 and is buried in our back yard. We have his picture as our screen saver on our computer. We will probably get another cat to keep Spunky Doodle company and provide a nice home for another homeless cat, but haven't looked yet.

We did get another cat in May of 2008--Manny. The last few days he's been coming and laying on me for real when I watch TV, letting me pet him nice. We miss Moe, but Manny has found a place in our hearts too.

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Unknown said...

That is a long life he had! May his memory be eternal. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

BeadedTail said...

Moe's markings were unique and he was adorable! It's wonderful he had such a long loving life and he'll always be with you in spirit.

Janiss said...

Moe was definitely a special kitty! I think every cat lover/owner has one really special cat. Sadly, mine wasn't anywhere near as nice as Moe! She was nasty, bad-tempered, killed any wildlife that had the misfortune to cross her path, beat up any other cat who crossed her turf, even if it was just a sligtly dumb, scared 6-month-old kitten - and she had the sweetest calico face and was the most devoted cat I've ever had. She died of bone cancer in February 2003 and I still miss her.

Homestay Mama said...

Moe had a long and happy life! He was lucky to have you for parents!

Daisy said...

What a gorgeous kitty he was!

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