Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Thoughts On "The Bachelor"--So Long Ali

We always enjoy the home town visits and the ones Jake went on all seemed to go very well.

Gia is up first. Boat ride is a great idea! Pictures are too! So far, so very good! Gia's mom has a one on one with Jake and her visit goes very well!

Ali is up next--looks awesome! Ali's mom has a one on one too! Ali's mom gives Jake the "go ahead"! Ali's visit goes well too! Thought it was neat how she shared her intimate feelings about her grandmother but thought it was kind of odd showing him around the empty house.

Tenley is up next! Like her coat but what's up with those colorful boots? A dance routine? "Jake is melting in his chair?" Gerard could think of other things to do. Karen thought it was nice she shared her dance with Jake because it obviously is her passion. Tenley's dad gives his blessing to Jake too! That's 3 for 3 so far!

Vienna goes last. What a surprise-not! Vienna was married before? Didn't know that! Interesting.

Then Ali drops the bomb: Ali has to decide on her job or Jake? That's a surprise! Something about that sounds not right to me. Isn't there enough buzz surrounding this now already! Sounds like a ratings ploy to me! Jake says it's not his decision to make? Duh! Who's is it then--You're the bachelor! Jake wants Ali to stay but doesn't give her any assurances. Karen is tired of all her pouting. I like her when she's in a good mood and think her and Jake hit it off but that whining and pouting is not becoming at all! I think she just made Jake's decision a bit easier.

Ali seemed kooky to Karen last night. I liked her but then she acts like she doesn't have a brain and pouts like a little girl. It's just not becoming. I think she should have just told Jake she had to go because of her job but that if things didn't work out for him after picking one of the others, he should definitely call her and give him your number.

Ali chooses to go, sad for Jake and Ali but the other girls seemed happy to see her leave--down to 3! I don't think we've seen the last of Ali though. The show was all right.

So, what did you think of the show? Do you think Ali made the right decision? Karen thinks for a long-term commitment, Gia would be best for Jake right now. She seems the most settled, mature and down-to-earth. Unfortunately, we don't think he's going to choose her.

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Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I think Ali made a bad decision, especially when he said she wasn't on the chopping block. I have a friend who know Vienna--apparently a snake who took all of her ex's $ while he was in Iraq.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. No worries--it was almost 40 and so warm, we were all in t-shirts!

baby names said...

I was optimistic that this would be genuine (I know, I guess I am an idealistic!) but I hope Vienna goes but the spoilers say she stays. ugh. Same ol' crap and same ol' boring stuff.

baby names said...

R you for real she is doing what ed did on the bachelorette,,,come on people ,please how staged is all of this . she will do what ed did and return and than Jake will pick her.

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