Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flat Stanley Stayed At Our House!

I came across the Sevin Family blog and met Flat Stanley for the first time. If you've never read Flat Stanley, it's a cute story about a boy who
is accidentally flattened by a bulletin board.
Flat Stanley finds all sorts of advantages of being flat;
sliding under doors, flying as a kite, and even fitting inside an envelope to be shipped off.

These people are actually trying to make a scrapbook and want other bloggers to color Flat Stanley, write where they are from and mail him back to them. At first I thought, "what a goofy thing" but then after reading the comments, I realized maybe it wasn't SO goofy, but actually kind of neat and pictured how excited the little kid would be when all these Flat Stanley pictures came into his mailbox from all over the country! So I went ahead and invited Flat Stanley to come to our house too.

Here is the picture of Flat Stanley ready to go back to Aidyn. Flat Stanley liked playing with our cats and going for a walk with Abby in the snow. We watched a little TV and read a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book: “Prisoner of The Ant People.” He even got to see where I work downtown.

Here is the link to invite him to your house: Can He Come To Your House?

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Unknown said...

OH my youngest loves teh Flat Stanley book.. shoot yeah he can visit here lol

Daisy said...

That Flat Stanley really gets around!

Kathy said...

I never heard of Flat Stanley until a year or so ago, when my sister shrieked "What? You don't know Flat Stanley?" and then she filled me in. I love that he got to spend some quality time with you, Gerard and the cats. I wonder if he'll come back to visit you on his vacation.

Lin said...

I like Flat Stanley. I use his name to describe the dried up, dead, (flat) frogs that I find places.

Rebecca @ Freaky Frugalite said...

Oh I loved that story as a kid! I am checking out the link-- the project looks like fun!

Sorry February has been a but of a bummer for you. Don't listen to that groundhog-- I have heard from some Florida bloggers that the birds are flocking there now-- which means they are making their way NORTH! We just may have an early spring!

Hope your mammogram went OK.

The Silver Age Sara said...

I think it's a great idea and what fun to do and also think of the memories.

Sandy said...

When our oldest granddaughter was little we used to carry Flat Stanley around on trips. Such a cool idea.

Anonymous said...

Stopping from SITS! Sounds like he was busy at your house.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Singedwingangel: Just click on the link at the end of the post to get the email address to use to let her know he can visit you and give her your address.

Daisy: Guess so.

Kathy: I didn't realize Flat Stanley was that old!

Lin: Poor frogs.

Rebecca: That's nice of you to invite Flat Stanley to your house too! I didn't realize he's been around for so long and I just learned about him now. Maybe I should get that book and read up on him!

I also had good things too so far this month--several really good work days, actually had some work to do to keep me busy! Had a wonderful mid-winter slump breakfast and a very nice weekend. My cat came and layed on me during the Super Bowl last night! It just doesn't get any better than that!

Mountain Woman: Just send her an email with your address and Flat Stanley will come visit your farm before you know it. He'd probably enjoy your dogs and horse!

Sandy: LOL, that's funny you brought him along on trips.

JDaniel4sMom: Thanks for stopping by. I tried to keep him busy.

Anonymous said...

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