Thursday, February 25, 2010

Decorative Wooden Match Stick Crosses (Writer's Workshop)

This is an easy craft that boys like. I’ve used this in Hobby Club and at a Sunday School Class party.
Preparation: My dad used scrap wood to cut out crosses and then he burned lots and lots of matches to create this craft. He also drilled a hole in one side for easy hanging on a nail.

Supplies: Brown quick-drying paint, glue, burnt matches

I’ve used this craft for several different groups and they all liked making this.

The kids put their name on the side with the hole (the back) and then paint the front and sides of the cross. Wait for the paint to dry.

Then starting at the intersection, glue four match halves in the shape of a cross by breaking four matches in half. Use the halves without the tip that burns.

Then glue on the matches in groups of 9 allowing a little space between each group so they are spaced evenly on the cross. Just need to make sure you get the glue on the cross all the way to the edges and glue one group at a time.

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Maria said...

Hi! That was a nice post. Well done. I did this workshop too.

I've been here before and I've seen you over at mine. We met on SITS. For sure.

Have a great day.

Farmers Wifey said...

I love anything crafty.....great post! Visiting from mama kats..

Unknown said...

That looks nice and simple : ) Love it! Maybe I will do that with the boys on the next snow day.

Sandra said...

Ooohhh...lovely!!! I want to do on as a starburst design!!! Love it!

BeadedTail said...

What a fun craft project! Makes a lovely cross too!

Unknown said...

I made those crosses in vacation Bible school more than 45 years ago. Thanks for the memory.

Jude said...

I bet our Nate would love making one of those crosses. I of course would have to strike all those matches and then when he comes over he and Pappy could do it together, thanks for the creative idea for Nate.

Homestay Mama said...

That's a nice-looking cross!

Kathy said...

Oh, I remember these! We made them in grade school. Looking back, I can hardly believe our school actually assigned a project wherein we had to "play with matches." To this day, I can remember sitting on the front porch of my house striking hundreds of them. My mom had the good sense to at least send me outside if I was going to burn something down. Concrete doesn't burn!

Anonymous said...

What a cool craft. Very nice.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Life With Kaishon: Actually, the giraffe holder craft on My Funny Dad, Harry blog is much easier.

Saundra: Yes, I suppose you really could do this with any design you wanted.

Beaded Tail: The boys liked making this craft.

Dan: Was that at a Christian & Missionary Alliance church in the Old Brooklyn area of Cleveland by any chance?

Jude: Good luck!

Kathy: That is a surprise that they had the kids actually burn all those matches--what were they thinking?

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