Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Latest Entrecard Drama--Cornyman's Accusations of Ghost Droppers

Last week Corneyman accused some bloggers of ghost dropping from some kind of automatic list that enables them to make 300 drops in 15 minutes. A blogging buddy of mine emailed me about this because she saw some bloggers on that list who she knows comment on my blog and asked me if I thought we should let them know. I told her I think so because if someone was writing bad things about me, I'd want to know about it.

Friday I came across a post about this at EZ Great Life in which he expressed regret for his comment condemning the accused bloggers. Please check out his post if you want to get details. I do not want to give Cornyman any link love here so if you want to see his original post which is causing all this drama with Entrecard users, you can get there from the link I give to EZ Great Life.

I am glad I did not leave a comment on Cornyman's post. First off, I didn't believe it because I know some of those mentioned are loyal readers and helpful bloggers who regularly comment on my blogs so something just didn't sound right about it. But, even if it was all true, I really don't care and here is why:

1. It's none of my business what others do. I am accountable for my own actions and would never even consider cheating. I am a rule follower (if I know and understand the rules). I am not the EC police--it's not my job nor do I have any interest in making sure EC members go by the rules.

2. I don't think dropping ECs is worth my time so I am out of that rat race of trying to get a certain number of drops in every day. What a relief to let go of that pressure! I feel I have well-established blogs and that EC is primarily most helpful for new blogs. Besides, even when I used to drop 150 on both my blogs, everyone didn't return my drops anyway.

3. I'm not sure EC advertising is all that helpful anyway. I don't often click through to other EC blogs that are advertised and doubt if others do either. If I read a blog and it has an EC widget, I'll drop on it so you know if you see my card in your inbox, that I have read something on your blog. My drops are meaningful.

I recently posted partly in jest a list of dos and don'ts about living but I think #5--Don't be mean is a good one to remember when it comes to blogging. Putting mean things in writing is just not a smart thing to do, nor is it nice. Unless you are a reporter or have a blog where you thrive on controversy, it's best not to write mean things.

I think a good verse to keep in mind when blogging or commenting is James 1:19b:
Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.

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The Silver Age Sara said...

Bless you Karen for this post. I'm not writing about it on my blog but I'm glad you did and it's the first sensible answer I've seen. I did comment on the original post and I've commented on two other posts about the subject. I do read a number of the blogs on the infamous "list" and I don't care what they are doing to drop cards. Do people really think all the droppers read their blog? If so, just check out your EC bounce rate. People also block images when dropping so none of the blog loads except the widget and that's not considered cheating. Years ago, I was taught that system to get through the hours chore of dropping 300 cards and then I asked myself why was I wasting my time dropping and not enjoying the experience?
I have EC but I never check my in box. It's strictly a courtesy to my readers. I search out blogs I enjoy reading and build community and I could care less if I get a credit if I read them and my page rank is growing with each new Google ranking. When you focus on yourself and your actions (which is all you can control, God manifests Himself in many ways.)
But the thing I most admire about your post is the words "It's none of my business." If the blogosphere took the energy they wasted on someone getting a credit and put it to worrying about being kind and charitable, think how much could have been accomplished this past week. It is not our job to worry about what others are doing. Let go and let God.
You have really struck the note of truth here and thanks again for writing this post.

Daisy said...

I love your perspective on this! And I am very relieved to have gotten out of the chore of dropping 300 cards every day. I do not think I would ever write an unkind post or comment. There are enough bad things in the world, I would never want to add to that!

The Muse said...

Thank you for your visit!
I am off to explore your blog..
we have a "zoo here" and i see animals...LOL

BeadedTail said...

Great response to this new drama and a wonderful perspective for how to look at it! I have too much going on in my life to worry about what others think or are doing so your list was just what I needed to read.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs4444 said...

Hi Karen. I agree with you and the previous commenters. I always drop when I'm on a blog that has the widget, but I don't go out of my way to keep up anymore.

Interesting...I was led to this post by something at the bottom of my post today that said you linked to my post. However, I see nothing about me here. Unless...don't tell me I'm on that list?! That would seriously be pure crazy.

Mar Matthias Darin said...

I’ve said from the onset on this drama that there shouldn’t be a rush to judgment. I watched a lot of good people get hurt in all this. Entrecard can be replaced or fixed, hurt friendships often suffer a lifetime.

Mike Golch said...

I got a kick out of one point that EntreCard made that if people do not clear out their catchs that "Ghost Dropping" is possible.I drop on those I want to and If I get return drops I do if not I don't.

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