Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tips on How To Make Your Buffet Table Beautiful

A Thanksgiving Holiday Buffet (Image from Side-by-Side Facebook Page with permission)

First of all, these are all tips I got from Julie, the hospitality workshop speaker at this month's Women of Wonder (W.O.W.) meeting at Parma Heights Baptist Church.

1)  Cover table with 3-5 different pieces of material (big napkins draped, basic white base).

2)  Add boxes to create tiers for bringing food dishes and center piece up higher.

3)  Use pretty platters and bowls.

4)  Keep cold food cold by using one bowl with crushed ice and set a smaller bowl with the food on top of it.  

5)  Use warming trays to keep the hot food hot, hide cords under material.

6)  Add protected candles and put a layer of little colorful Styrofoam balls around the base.

7)  Fill in the lower parts of the table with greenery, pine cones and ornaments.

8)  Add a string of small lights among the greenery.

9)  Label all the food dishes and add a warning if nuts are in it.

10)  Set up the drinks/punch bowl at a separate table.

11)  Set up a special buffet table for the kids with foods they like.

12)  Martini glasses work well for holding candy and/or nuts.

13)  Wait until the guests all leave before cleaning up--enjoy spending time with your company!  (I really like this one!)

14)  Have some music playing softly.

 I asked Julie what she included on the menu for a Christmas buffet and here is what she said:
My menu I had planned for that buffet is:  Turkey and Ham croissants, Holiday Potatoes, sweet potato crunch, Waldorf Salad, Sweet and sour cabbage salad, asst. olives, vegetable tray shaped as a wreath.  For Dessert I planned a heath bar triffle, mini choc mouse cups and mini cherry cheesecakes.  I also had tall martini glasses filled with chocolate mints and kisses.   For the beverage I will have a lime punch, which is a combo of 7-up, limeade and lime sherbert. 
I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of the sample buffet table she had set up but I left my camera in my jacket in the other room.  The greens, ornaments, pine cones and lights really made the table look wonderful!  Hope you can use some of these suggestions for your holiday entertaining.  Thank you, Julie, for doing this fantastic workshop!

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Sandee said...

How fun. I set up so many holiday buffets I've lost count. There are so many eye catching tricks too. You named a bunch of them here.

Have a terrific day. Scritches to the babies and woof woof to Abby. :)

Unknown said...

Who knew there are 14 different ways to help make things beautiful? Great post1

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