Thursday, December 20, 2012

Downtown Cleveland At Christmas is Amazing!

Public Square in Cleveland 2012
I actually did something spontaneous on my way to work yesterday--I got off the bus early and took some pictures of the lights on Public Square while it was still dark enough to see them.  I generally have my nose in a book, but when the bus stopped to let people off, I took a peek and wow!  The lights are very pretty!  So I decided to get off and take some pictures to share with my readers.

I stood in the middle of the Northwest quadrant and looked around.  It was just beautiful! Then I looked at the lights on the other side of Superior Ave. and lo and behold, I actually saw a Nativity scene among the lights!

Lights on Public Square in Cleveland-2012

A Nativity Scene on Public Square-2012

The children's heads all moved!

Then at lunch I went to Tower City to see the Toy Soldier that I heard about at our Women of Wonder meeting at church. I never new he came to visit at Christmas time. It took me awhile to find him because he was on the lower level and the big staircase that I usually use to get down there was blocked off for his display area. Along the way to find a down escalator to that level, I saw this cute display:

The Toy Soldier
Then I spotted him pushing a little girl in a cart and hurried over to the escalator so I could get down there and get a video. He was lifting her up and swinging her around so cute. He was a mime so did not talk, but had an assistant who talked to help him if needed. Unfortunately, I was too late to get much of him with her but I did take him with a couple other kids. That key in his back actually turned too! I was impressed with him and his costume!

Watch the video below to see him in action!

This was a fun lunch hour that I enjoyed very much.  There was also a train that went around and passed by the talking Spruce tree and a children's holiday store just for kids to shop in.

Twigbee Shop for Kids Only

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Sandee said...

Lovely indeed Karen. Sometimes you have to get your nose out of that book. I can so relate as I read a lot too. You captured some great shots.

A Nativity scene? Doubt you'd find any in California. They have run God completely out of this state. For churches only.

Thanks for the link for Awww Mondays on your sidebar. Very nice of you and very much appreciated by me.

Have a terrific day. :)

Kara said...

How fun! I love to see how other places/cities decorate and what their traditions are. The toy soldier is such a neat idea! I'm sure the kids were loving it. :) Pretty awesome to find a nativity scene in public! Thanks for sharing. :D

Traci Marie Wolf said...

I'm so happy you did. Those are great pictures! I love Christmas lights and decorations .

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