Monday, December 17, 2012

Fighting At the Manger Scene (Monday Mischief)

I put up my nativity set over the weekend with Spunky Doodle's help. Then this happened:

I"m helping unwrap the figurines.

Here they are.

Then joined in--All I need is a halo so I could be the angel!

Then here came Manny--I gave him a big whop and he left.   
(sorry, mom deleted the big whop picture because it was all blury.)
Not only that, but then when my mom came to pet me, I stood up on my
hind legs, made my fiercest hiss and punched her.  Yup, I was afraid she
would try getting me to move.

Spunky can be so selfish sometimes, but I came back later, he he.  Merry Christmas everyone!
Do you have a Nativity set?  This one is "home-made" by members of the youth group of 1982 when I was director.  For the post about it:  The Nativity Project of 1982 With Harry's Help.  I didn't set up the stable this year, just because it's so big.  This was originally made for the church to use, but after some pieces turned up M.I.A. and some got broken, I salvaged what was left.  (I had to replace Mary (made by Christi) and the cow (Made by Jeff). 

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Sandee said...

Nope we don't have a nativity set. I've never had one.

Your babies are so precious, even when being bad. Just saying.

Have a terrific day and a very merry Christmas. :)

Sparkle said...

We don't have a nativity set, but I really wish we did - it looks like Spunky and Manny really enjoyed helping set it up!

BeadedTail said...

We don't have one but it looks like fun to help set up! Manny and Spunky did a great job getting everybuddy in the right places! Manny, good for you for hissing at your mom trying to whop you down!

Lin said...

I do have a nativity that I threaten the lives of everyone if they should break it. It is a Lladro replica, so it is very fragile and really irreplaceable if something should break. I am VERY careful with it and I store it in the inside of my cabinet so kitties aren't tempted to sneak inside the manger.

I love those two in there with the baby Jesus!! How funny!

Gattina said...

They fit so nicely in your creche !

Anonymous said...

Very mischievous kitties! Don't they know Santa is watching?? Happy Holidays to you all.

Barbara said...

LOL! Not very angelic but so cute :O))

Anonymous said...

It's nice to meet another cat person! I have five rescues.
Yours are so cute. My late mom had a large Nativity and our cat insisted on laying among the "animals." So fun!

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