Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Socks and Boots Story

Path to Bus Stop Curb Made by Me

Thursday, the day after our first big snow storm, I missed my bus.  I got off to a bit of a late start and then didn't realize how long it took me to decide what coat to wear, plus I had to wear my boots and forgot that they slow me down.  My wonderful husband who was off that day walked with me to the bus stop and then waited with me for the next one--he's sweet like that.

While waiting to pass the time, I was stamping out a path from the sidewalk to the bus stop.  The snow was already about 4-5 inches deep and sure enough, it did make the time seem to go a bit faster, plus keep me warmer than if I just stood still.  My feet were wet though.

When I got to work, I took off my wet socks, dried my feet with a small towel I had in one of my drawers and changed into the spare socks that I keep in a locker at work in case my socks get wet.  I looked at my boots more closely and saw they were all broken around the sole--no wonder my socks got wet!

Reading Short Straw Bride

Reading while drying socks

At lunch time, my socks were still wet, so I brought them along with me to my favorite reading spot in the winter which is right in front of the heater by one of the doors into our building and let them dry out while I read. It's a door that is rarely used in the hallway that leads to the bank so not too many people saw me. The main thing is it worked and I wore them home.

Can you guess what I bought Saturday?  New boots from Penney's with some of my Christmas money:

Totes, guaranteed not to leak for six months.
I like my new boots and so far so good, no leaking and dry feet!

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Sandee said...

Yikes, when my feet are wet and cold they are wet and cold forever. I'm glad you got new boots and I like them. They look very warm.

Have a terrific Silly Sunday. :)

Lin said...

Isn't it funny how we go about our days and we don't even notice things like worn-out boots? I do that too. Happy New Boots and New Year, Karen!

Catch My Words said...

I like your boots too. I wish we'd have reason to get our socks wet. Snow is such a rarity in the south.

Jenners said...

Good boots in snow are very important!! Hoping 2013 brings you happiness, dry feet and good reads.

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