Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Favorite Reads for November: Mudbound and Roam

Karen's favorite book she read this month was Mudbound by Hillary Jordan (Gerard liked it too!):

Mudbound by Hillary Jordan is a book that drew me into the characters.  It is historical fiction during 1946 about a black and a white man coming home from war to Mississippi to help their families on the farm.  I had no idea what this book was about from the title, but “Mudbound” is the name of the farm Henry bought out of the blue without even consulting his wife, Laura.  She is the one who named the farm because she felt trapped there.  Through great story telling by all the characters, the reader discovers the tragic story behind Pappy’s death.

Although I did not like the offensive language, it was a part of history and was used appropriately in conveying the unfairness the Blacks faced every day.  Mudbound is very well written and had lots of good passages in it.  I had a hard time choosing a teaser!  I enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend it if you like books with some depth that cause you to really take an interest in the characters.  I agree with Gerard that it would make a good movie.

Gerard's favorite book he read this month was Roam by Alan Lazar:

Talk about not being able to put a book down; I finished this book in one day (and I work full time).  Yes, to me it's that good!  ROAM by Alan Lazar is about a dog named Nelson who has a very nice home with a loving owner named Katey (his first owner).  One day the gate is left open and Nelson just wants to go exploring.  What a heartwarming book this is!  Nelson goes and finds different places and meets new people.  It's a great tale!  If you enjoyed the "Art of Racing" I think you will love this book.  I cried over this book like I cried over "Dewey, the Library Cat" but I loved both these books.  This is my favorite read for this month so far.

What have you read that you liked lately? Did you read either of these?  If you like to read, please visit Grab A Book From Our Stack to find more books we like!

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Ann in the UP said...

Those books both sound like ones I would enjoy. I'm reading Night Ferry by Michael Robotham. I bought it in the airport in Dublin in case I ran out of reading material, and haven't ever gotten to it before now.

I'm enjoying it, both for the characters and the puzzle of the mystery.

Karen and Gerard said...

Glad you are enjoying your book! Thanks for your comment. Guess not many of my readers here are into reading.

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