Friday, November 25, 2011

How We Spent Thanksgiving Day

Of course our day began with Gerard walking Abby. We both watched "Parenthood" and then I watched "The Biggest Loser" while Gerard took Abby for another long walk.  Abby got a big bone and the cats got treats.

After Gerard read his email and printed a Steak-n-shake coupon, we had our Thanksgiving dinner at The Golden Coral. It was good and we did not over stuff ourselves. They even had a chocolate fountain so I had four chocolate covered marshmallows!

On Thanksgiving, we went to the zoo in the afternoon and the parking lots were pretty full. Admission is free to everyone on Thanksgiving Day! We enjoyed watching the four grizzly bear cubs playing and enjoying their special Thanksgiving day treat of a bunch of branches.

The people were interesting too, like this couple here.

I bought some battery operated candles at CVS to place in our windows that are time to light for 8 hours and be off 16 hours.  Gerard took Abby for another walk while I set up my new candles in the front windows, scheduled this post and took care of the cats.

We finished off the evening with some reading and some TV.  What did you do yesterday?  Are you going shopping today?

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HH and The Boys said...

Wooohoooooo.... I love those turkey hats.

Have a great day.

pawhugs, Max

Rebecca Mecomber said...

You had a great day! I like those goofy hats, too. I am SO tempted to get one.

Sandee said...

Hubby and I cooked a feast for our family and it was delicious. Then we all watched a movie. Then in the evening everyone went home and hubby and I reflected on the wonderful day. It was perfect.

I don't shop on Black Friday. Never have and never will.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! My hubby made us a yummy dinner and then we went to help out at a place serving Thanksgiving dinner to low income/homeless people. A picture of us carrying a table during the set up is in the paper today! :) We did go out at 5am today to get a new camera that was on sale and I went back to bed when we got home.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

The hats are cute! Glad you had a calm and fun day.

Mike Golch said...

we went over to have an early dinner with her Mom and brother.that we came home and i sepnt the rest of the day trying to do my drops from all three of my blogs. as for going out shopping nope we are staying home.

Lin said...

That's a great idea to go to the zoo! Was it crowded??

No shopping for me--I don't like crowds or shopping! I was decorating the house for Christmas because my toe surgery is coming up in a week and I want to get things done beforehand so I can recuperate stress free. Ugh. It was a ton of work!

Anonymous said...

Love that you went to the zoo!! That sounds like a pretty perfect place to go spend a few holiday hours!!! And the hats are hysterical. Glad you got a shot!!!

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