Friday, November 4, 2011

5 Things We Learned This Week (candy, animals, boxes, stores)

Kit Kats

Manny compares the sizes
Kit Kats is one of my many favorite candy bars which I chose to give out on Halloween to our few trick-or-treaters. I thought I was buying two bags of the small size with the two wafers but was surprised that one bag even had a mini size with only one wafer! It seems like candy just keeps getting smaller and smaller but more expensive! I used the mini-sized ones for the tiny tots and gave out several to the older kids when I ran out of the small size.

Meerkat Image from Widipedia


On the bookmark we got at the zoo it had this interesting fact: "The dark markings around meerkats' eyes act like built-in sunglasses. They reduce glare, helping them see far into the distance." Did you know that? I wonder if it's the same for raccoons.


Over at Red Pine Mountain I learned that there are special boxes for mailing birds! They are huge! Follow the link Don't You Love Mail to see it for yourself.

Thrift Nation

Parma Heights, Ohio, Pearl Rd.
I went into Thrift Nation, a second-hand store in Parma Heights, Ohio, for the first time this week and was surprised at how many nice things they had very cheap! I was even more surprised to find out that they give their profits to help support a Childrens home in El Salvador that is run by the store manager's sister. The store also partners with Love, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps families in need.

Shelter Appreciation

Mr. Moe
Do you know what next week is? According to my calendar, it is Animal Shelter Appreciation Week November 6-12. We got our first cat, Moe, from the Parma Animal Shelter when they had him at PetSmart. He was a great cat, 8 years old when we got him.

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Daisy said...

Meerkats are so cool. Bert and Ernie like to stand like that sometimes.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Love all your furry friends!

yes, and it's not just candy that's getting smaller and more expensive :-(

Ann in the UP said...

Well let's all lead a cheer for animal shelters.

As always, I love your weekly new stuff you've learned. I keep track of what and how books I read each year, but I've never totaled them up. I think I average about 80 a year. And I'm OLD. LOL

Hootin' Anni said...

Both of our kitty babies are adopted from shelters. And I specifically went there to adopt 'older' ones 'cause they seem to never find a loving home. And they're my everything.

As for candy...Halloween or any, the price has skyrocketed!!

My Fragmental Friday Link

Hope you have a quiet day for yourself this weekend. See y'over at my blog if you can find time.

HH and The Boys said...

So glad you pointed out that next week is Shelter Appreciation week... I didn't know that and we do appreciate shelters.

pawhugs, Max

Tracy said...

Our city has a vote next week to see if we will pass a bond for $3 million to build a new animal shelter. We got our dog there and I think they desperately need a new facility.

Barbara said...

interesting fact about Meercats.
We just adopted a new Kitty. We had hoped to get a rescue cat from the Shelter, but our's has been closed to public adoption due to a worm outbreak so we ended up adopting a kitty that another lady had rescued and needed to find a new home for.

mountain woman said...

Thank you so much for the mention! I also love thrift shops and especially when they benefit a worthwhile charity. There are great finds there. Here's hoping lots of animals get adopted next week.

BeadedTail said...

I didn't know that about the meerkats but it does make sense! They are so cute!

We appreciate shelters!

Rachael said...

I used to be unsure about thrift stores, but now I am totally into them. I got both my boys winter coats for $6 each this year, and they always have frames I can use to frame my photos as gifts.

Lin said...

The candy is CRAZY! I give chocolate only to the older kids and starburst or something similar to the little ones. I have to mix it up because the darn chocolate is so expensive.

The Goodwill store by me has really nice stuff (Including excellent band trophies!) so I bring all my clothes there that I don't want. I see how nicely they display them and I see how many people are shopping there. It's good to know the clothes are being used.

Karen and Gerard said...

Daisy and Beaded Tail: The meerkat exhibit at the zoo is quite popular because they are cute.

Lisa: I like your Maine Coon cat too! All food is pretty expensive--even pet food!

Ann: Hip hip hooray for shelters! 80 is a good number of books to read in a year.

Hootin' Anni: That's great you adopted two older kitties! Our first cat, Mr. Moe, was 8 when we adopted him from a shelter. He was a wonderful cat!

Max: Glad you appreciate shelters too!

Tracy: That sounds like a big chunk of money--hope the bond passes.

Barbara: Hope you are enjoying your new kitty! We got Manny from a friend who couldn't keep him any longer because she was pregnant so couldn't take her allergy medication. Will be posting a video of what a good cat he is here on Wednesday.

Mountain Woman: I always learn such interesting things from your blog. I've never been a fan of thrift shops, but I think I will definitely go to this one.

Rachael: That is a good place to go for frames--hope I remember that the next time we need some! What a great buy you got on the coats too!

Lin: We don't get very many kids so I do like to give them chocolate because that is always what I liked best. That way if there are leftovers, I don't mind eating it. I remember seeing that band trophy in a post you did--great idea!

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