Thursday, November 10, 2011

We Have It So Tough by Spunky, Manny and Abby (Writers Workshop)

Just so you know, we all like living with Karen and Gerard very much. The perks and good times far outweigh these few complaints mentioned below. The only reason we brought them up was to participate in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop prompt: A day in the life of your bad do they have it?

Riding on the Stuffed Turtle, Zippy
Spunky Doodle says my life is tough because:
·         I have to wait to be fed last and then I have to work to get my food out of the little Kong.
·         Manny sometimes chases me and it’s a constant battle for me to make sure he knows I am the boss around here.
·         Our humans remove me when I am comfortably lying on the new living room chair.
·         I get blamed for everything that goes wrong around here.
·         Gerard always yells at me to get away if I try to read with him at the table.
(If you missed the video of me having fun before Karen left for work, I hope you will watch it:  Fun Before Work by Spunky Doodle)
I'm waiting for my breakfast!
Manny says my life is tough because:
·         I can’t go outside on the porch anymore.  My other house used to have a high porch that I could lay out on in the sun.  I miss that sometimes.
·         Sometimes I am tricked into going in the pet taxi and then find myself at the vet!
·         I hate being picked up and sometimes Karen gets it in her head to do that.  It really makes me mad!
·         When I go to bed next to Karen’s legs, she’ll sometimes move them and disturb my sleep or Gerard will pull at the covers and flip me off!
·         When I get all comfy lying on Karen watching TV with her on the couch, she gets up only to lie down again on the bed.  Why can’t we just sleep on the couch together all night?
(If you missed the video about how good I am, hope you will watch it:  My Good Boy, Manny )
Starting on a Walk . . . finally!
Abby says my life is ruff because:
·         I do a lot of waiting around for my humans—they are gone a lot and won’t let me outside without them at the end of my leash.
·         I do not have any other dogs to play with and the cats won’t let me play with them.  They run away if I try.
·         I am not allowed to curl up on the new living room chairs even though they are very comfy.
·         My humans wake me up at 4:30 a.m.!  How silly is that?
·         Karen put up cardboard around all the litter boxes so I can’t get my cat poop treats anymore.  See:  Litterbox Fences Solve Poop Problem
(Woof, Woof! I have a video too I hope you will watch:  Why Is Abby So Excited?)

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Madeleine said...

'Cat treats'! Ew! Why do dogs do that?

I feel for cats with small children around - I know my cat cops a rough deal some days, so she makes herself pretty scarce.

BeadedTail said...

You guys do have a rough life! We know that you get on the chair when they are gone since what they don't know doesn't bother them!

Tiffany said...

LOLOL, CAT TREATS! This is exactly why I don't want dogs in the house. Dogs are so NASTY, why OH WHY must they treat the litter box as a buffet?

Mrs4444 said...

LOL! Those poop treats are one reason I'm glad our litter box days are over.

KatBouska said...

They're so cute. Such tough lives they lead. ;)

MarytheKay said...

UGH!!! Cat treats--WHY do dogs do that???? :-)

What a cute post! I love it when you write from your pets' perspective. They are obviously very well loved!

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