Monday, June 9, 2008

Thank You to Our Commenters

To show our appreciation for the comments we received on our posts for April and May, we thank the following commenters and encourage you to visit these blogs:

My Funny Dad, Harry

Arduous Nincompoop

The Aries

Liza: Mommy's Little Corner

Viveca: Save One Million Lives

Mandy: Hipp Is My Middle Name

Samantha & Tigger: Life From a Cat's Perspective

Frigga: Any Apples

Blue Panther: The Blue Panther Experience

Erica: Tales From the Tracks

Tina: The Creative Nerd

Mystic Silks

Corrine: My Random Blog

Marlo: Joyful Christian Wife


Samantha & Mom said...

Thanks for listing us on your Blog! We appreciate it! Say hello to the Kitties for us!!
Your FL furiends,

Jules said...

Thank you Karen! Neat idea!
I hope you check out the new contest I posted on my blog. I am giving away a livingroom candle for the person who emails me a picture of an animal dressed or posed patriotic, in honor of July 4th. Check it out!!!!
Right up your alley....

Vikki North said...

Hi Karen,
Your blog is terrific! I have very deep founded religious beliefs, also. (Although I don’t really like the word ‘belief’. I prefer the word ‘knowledge.’
I don’t believe. I know. )

I also wanted to say that I really enjoyed your kitty blogs. Way to cute. I’ve got to get Manny, Leo, and Pearly online. Obviously they’re falling behind their piers! I’m going to check out your book and the your best pick. I love good stories.


Karen and Gerard said...

Samantha & Tigger:
You're very welcome! My cats like that you included them!

We hope to enter your contest. Still thinking what to wear. It's going to be hard to beat Vikki though--her entry is wonderful!
--Spunky & Manny

Thanks for the nice compliment about my blog--glad you like it! That really made me feel good because I'm so new at this blogging thing. Hope you enjoy my book too and thanks for getting it! That made my day!!!!! Yippee!!

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