Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Married Mr. Wonderful!

I was a very satisfied, happy single for a very long time. Gerard and I didn't get married until I was 43 (he was 44), so we were both set in our ways by then. Although our daily schedules were quite different, I am so thankful that God let us find each other through Great Expectations (more about that in another post). August 30 will be our 11th anniversary and neither of us regret getting married. When I was considering it, I really wish there was some sort of guaranty, but there wasn't.

Gerard's been very supportive, patient and understanding about me spending so much time on the computer blogging, so I thought it's time I write about him and us. I thought I'd share just why Gerard is my "Mr. Wonderful" so other husbands can pick up some tips:

1) He usually meets me at the bus stop when I come home from work and we either walk if it's nice or he brings the car if it's cold or rainy.

2) He lets me be my own person. I let him know before I was married I didn't cook and he never expects me to. (He said he's used to cooking for himself anyhow so he didn't mind continuing to do so.)

3) He always opened doors for me before we were married (car, restaurants, church) which at first I thought was silly, but it was nice to be treated so nicely. He still does this if I don't rush ahead and do it myself.

4) He helps me with my jacket or coat when we're out together.

5) He does ALL the cleaning--some everyday, including the basement! He has a weekly schedule that he adheres to no matter what--even if he is sick. Once in awhile, I'll take care of cleaning the computer.

6) He does the laundry every Friday.

7) He takes care of the yardwork. Sometimes, if I get in the mood, I'll pull some weeds or trim a bush, but he really does it on a regular basis. He lets me have the fun of picking out the flowers to plant in the spring, then he waters them all summer long and I watch them grow!

8) He helps me carry things. Usually on Sundays since I teach Sunday School, I have a lot to carry and he'll load the car ahead for me.

9) He does the grocery shopping, usually alone. Sometimes I'll go along with him but not too often since we got the computer.

10) He surprises me with unusual presents and has great taste in clothes for me. Ninety percent of my wardrobe are clothes Gerard bought for me! I let him know what I like and don't like in clothes and he remembers EVERYTHING!

11) He listens to me!

12) He reviews the TV schedule and alerts me to shows that he knows or thinks interest me.

13) As he reads magazines and the newspaper, he'll share articles that he thinks I may enjoy or find interesting.

14) He lets me make out our budget and have complete control of our finances! What trust he puts in me! I'm so glad he doesn't like fussing with banking or investing, because I do. (Before we were married, he was in some credit card debt--I never was in credit card debt so this was a concern of mine. More on this in a future blog).

15) He is a neat freak, which I prefer to messy. He keeps our house in perfect order as much as possible with me in it.

16) He is kind to our pets and is just as attached to them as I am.

17) He is easy to get along with--as long as he has music or a talk show on the radio or is watching one of his Boston sports teams, he's perfectly happy.

18) He lets me make decisions concerning repairs, decorating and social engagements.

19) He's faithful and a steady worker.

20) He loves ME!

What do you appreciate about your spouse?


Guest said...

thats great both of you have understanding, sharing same feelings and main thing is you are happy with relationship thats work. wish you a a wonderful life ahead too.

Jules said...

You aren't just a whistling Dixie!
He is Mr. Perfect! My hubby and I have some of the same habits. He appreciates his alone time as I do. We work different schedules so Sundays are our together days. I usually only cook on Sunday because of time constraints.

He is a jack of all trades. He will make me cute presents which I appreciate and LOVE much more than store bought things. He also opens my doors, etc. We get along wonderfully. Also 11 years married.

We are such twinkies, you and I!

Rebecca @ Freaky Frugalite said...

Oh I think I love Gerard, now, too!!! ;)

My husband has many qualities that are the same, but he doesn't like me blogging about him. :)

Beautiful post!

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