Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Great Site For Pet Owners--Join Zoo Too

Gerard (my husband) was the first one to tell me about this site. I looked at it briefly with him one day. It had a video of an angry cat that didn't want to be pet and also a video of a animal shelter that won a makeover from a contest on Zoo Too.

After reading a post about it on "The Creative Nerd" blog, I went to sign up. You can list all your pets with pictures, stories, videos, and tell what products they like and don't like. It's fairly easy too and the uploading goes quickly, I thought. I am anxious to go and post more, but the best thing about posting there is that animal shelters benefit.

I have posted my cats: Mr. Moe (R.I.P.), Spunky Doodle and Manny. It's a community of pet lovers who all view these furry creatures as a part of their family. I'm sure I'll be spending more time there. Be sure to check it out at Feel free to add me as a friend using for my email.


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