Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

This is my second father's day without my dad. I still see his picture every day though because I keep one on my desk at work and also on the computer desk at home so it's like I still see him. I really enjoy the blog I started which is all about him and my book ( "My Funny Dad, Harry"). Since writing the book, "My Funny Dad, Harry" I think of some other things that I didn't include in the book so can still write about them on my blog.

Today the sky is such a pretty blue. I'm so glad I picked the sky blue for my book cover because I wanted something cheerful and thought that if it was sky blue, I'd think of my dad everytime we had a pretty blue sky which is exactly what happens! At first I picked a dark green to match his suspenders, but I'm so glad I changed it to the pretty blue.

Be sure to let your father know who much you appreciate him while you still can and have a Happy Father's Day!
("My Funny Dad, Harry" is available through and Amazon or Barnes Noble)


Vikki North said...

Hi Karen-
It’s obvious how important your Dad was in your life. I feel the same about mine. I also fathom regardless of your cheery spirit, it’s a little sad today without him. Your book and blog must be very cathartic for you.

My Dad died in 1973. My mother died in 1987. I’ve spent all these years without them. Never is there a day I don’t think about both of them. That feeling of loss doesn’t ever go away. You just get used to it. And that’s okay. I don't know if I'd want it to go away. If you have a minute read my story about the Red Chair.


Wendy said...

I certainly envy your ability to write a book, no matter what the subject. I can never seem to find that much to say about anything!

Tony said...

My Dad wrote a a couple of books. He had some copies made for the family but never had any luck getting them published. One of them is pretty awesome as it is full of stories from when he worked as a Hospice chaplain. Shortly after he wrote the book he got leukemia and ended up in Hospice himself before he died.
Did you change your site format? It looks good.

Karen and Gerard said...

Thanks Tony,
I actually have three blogs with all different formats--this one for whatever, my for personal stuff including my cats' blogs, book reviews, church news, and other misc. things and then the "My Funny Dad, Harry" one about my dad and the book I wrote about him.(

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