Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We Miss You, Omar!

Omar Vizquel was my favorite all-time Cleveland Indian and I was absolutely angry when the Indians let him go. Omar is indeed an all-around player! I even read his biography which was pretty interesting and funny.

Omar was just amazing at shortstop. He made very few errors and had a great range. He could go way deep in the hole and still throw the runner out at first. He could go to the right of second base and make the play or he could go way over by third. I was always confident that we'd get an out when the ball was hit to Omar. Omar wanted every ball. He would even run well into left field to catch a high pop on occasion. (Unlike now, when I hold my breath every time it is hit to short.)

Not only was he outstanding in the field and very fun to watch, but also was fun on the bases. He was very fast and stole often. I always enjoyed his skill at putting down a surprise bunt and beating it out.

At the plate, Omar was a good clutch hitter. With runners on, there was no one I'd rather have up to bat. You could count on him for a hit or at least a sacrifice. It was so exciting when there was a runner on third and he would put down the perfect bunt for the squeeze play (as he did last night but for the Giants now instead of us). Omar loved to play and it showed.

I also liked him because he was a clean-cut guy. He didn't wear his hair goofy to get attention or do a lot of strange extra motions getting ready to hit. He was all about playing the game and having some fun.

Omar Vizquel was and is a truly great ballplayer! He's pretty old now, but can still outplay many, many other younger guys any day!


Vikki North said...

Hi Karen,
Old? He's only 40. He was born 1967.
Shocked and horrified.

Karen and Gerard said...

Forty isn't old in general, but it is considered old for pro ballplayers.

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