Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Favorite Reads for June

KAREN'S PICK: Mistaken Identity by Don & Susie Van Ryn & The Ceraks

One Family's Anguish is Another's Joy

This book is the non-fiction account, written by the families involved about the mistaken identity of their college daughters. One daughter was killed in an accident and the other survived in a hospital in a comatose state with multiple serious injuries and brain damage. Five weeks went by before the parents realized a mistake had been made in identifying their daughters at the accident.

Both were Christian families who lived their faith. The book is full of how the families relied on God's strength to help them deal with this tragic situation. In this day and age when lawsuits are so frequent, the families did not sue over the huge mistake that was made and caused so much anguish to both families. I applaud them both for this!

I especially enjoyed the view of Whitney, the girl who survived but who wasn't quite the same after her recovery, which was miraculous! This book is co-authored by both families which made it very personal, although it really didn't make me feel any strong emotion which surprised me. It's a very good book that emphasizes the use of scripture and praise to God in coping with a tragedy.

GERARD'S PICK: Please Stop Laughing At Me by Jodee Blanco

If you were picked on in high school and grade school like I was, this book brings back all the painful memories that you NEVER EVER forget! I'm so sorry you had to go through all this, Jodee. I was right there with you! So glad you wrote your book. I wish I had. God bless you, Jodee. Hope you enjoy great success in your life. Can't wait to read the sequel. Jodee is right. Teachers do nothing. Parents do nothing. You are on your own! I finished this book in just two days.


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