Saturday, June 21, 2008

Visiting Cat Sanctuary Today

Today Gerard and I visited Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue. A non-profi organization with a no-kill policy to which I make monthly contributions. They take in abandoned, abused, terminally ill and older cats, including feral cats which other shelters euthanize because they are considered not adoptable. The cats use the whole house. There are over 200! There are separate rooms for the feral cats, older cats, adoptable cats with some behavior problems and one for those without behavior problems, and cats who test positive for feline HIV (who aren't in pain and could be adopted if they were the only cat in the household).

Each room has a wired screen door so you can see into the rooms before opening the doors. Each room is equipped with rows of litterboxes, food feeders and water bowls. All rooms have cat trees, things to hide under, crawl in and tubs for sleeping. All rooms have at least one window. There is also a room for vet care right on site with some cages but mostly the cats are not kept in cages but limited to their room which is shared with a number of other cats. Here is the link to their web site if you'd like to learn more or donate:

I enjoyed our visit very much. There were so many friendly cats that just longed for attention and enjoyed being pet.


Babs (Beetle) said...

That looks like a very lovely place for cats that are rescued.

Purrs, Sukie X

Vikki North said...

I think this is really wonderful, Karen, and a subject close to my heart. All my kitties were born feral. (I have 4)

We have the San Diego Feral Cat Coalition in our area. They will come out to your home, trap, spay, neuter and inoculate ferals and then return them to your property. They do this all for free. San Diego also has the SNAP program (Spay Neuter Animal Program) which helps people get their animals fixed at a substantially reduced cost.

The thing I try to get across is feeding and keeping a couple ferals is a luxury to your property. They will rid your property of mice, rats; even snakes take a detour when they sniff a cat. All they ask of you is a bowl of kibble once a day and some fresh water. Cats do no damage and love being your best property managers.

Here in California Feral cats are protected under State Law as free roaming animals.

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