Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why Smoke?

After reading this post at Mama Flo's Place,MamaFlo's Place: Why can't I quit thinking about smoking a cigarette? I thought I'd write my two cents worth about smoking.

Smoking is one of those things that some people do that really puzzle me. Why anyone would start smoking is a mystery to me. There are absolutely no benefits to it and no upside that I can see. But many reasons not to such as the following:

1) It does great harm to one's body and is quite expensive as well.

2) The smell gets into everything and is just very unpleasant.

3) It annoys other people. I even cough from just being near someone smoking--it gets into my throat and yuck!

4) Fires happen when people doze off holding their cigarettes.

5) It becomes addicting very quickly and is hard to stop.

Here is the only good reason that I know of that anyone would smoke:

(That's right, there is none!)


MamaFlo said...

Thanks for the linky love even if it is for highlighting how weak I am - haha.
Seriously, smoking was something I really enjoyed, no joke. It was a friend that was with me regardless of whether I was happy or sad.
BUT (yes there is always a but)
My friend was literally killing me and I had to stop.
I have been smoke free for right over 9 months and I'm committed to never smoking again BUT it's tough sometimes.

ozarkianroadkill said...

You keep up the good work MamaFlo. You are not weak. You are strong. Don't let anyone tell ya different. I would have quit years ago except everyone was telling me I can't smoke which made me mad. That incouraged the smoking. Like they all don't have those nasty habits themselves. We smokers all know. Chocolate, sunflower seeds spit all over, food, and I think you get the picture. I just wish those people would stay out of other peoples business where they don't belong. Who are they to judge us? Maybe so that they will feel better about their lives. Who knows. Thanks for letting me vent and maybe finally tell em all off.

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