Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Joke From Gerard! Ha, ha!

A young boy just turned 16 and goes up to his dad and says to his dad, "I've been thinking about getting a car."

Dad: Okay son, I'll think about getting you a car but you have to do three things first. The first thing you have to do is improve your grades. The second thing you have to do is study the Bible. The third thing, you have to get a haircut.

The kid comes back to the dad after a couple months and says:

son: Well, dad, can I get a car?

dad: Well, I see you've improved your grades and gotten into a Bible study. But you still haven't gotten your hair cut. Why is that?

son: Well, dad, it's like this. I've been reading the Bible and noticed that Samson had long hair. Moses had long hair. Even Jesus had long hair. What about that?

dad: Well son, another thing they had in common is that wherever they went, they walked!


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