Friday, May 30, 2008

Week Two: Manny Progress (New Cat--MEOW)

After seeing the video I took of me trying to pet Manny unsuccessfully, Wendy, President of Kitten Krazy and my friend told me I was doing a few things wrong. (View video in my earlier post, "Bringing in a New Cat,") If you're in a similar situation, I thought this may help you too (I know I'm not the only one because I've seen at least one other similar video by someone else).

She made the following suggestions:

1. Don't talk at all. If you do, keep your voice even--not real low (cat perceives that as you growling at him or real high because cat perceives that as threatening).

2. Give him a special treat, some canned food.

3. Play classical music for him through the day.

4. Let him watch a "cat" video or DVD with fish or birds to entertain him.

5. Don't stand up nearby him. He's already scared and that just makes you even scarier!

6. Don't make direct eye contact with cat--they perceive that as threatening as well. Blink eyes at him, look at him sideways or just ignore him even.

7. Spend time in the room reading near by but don't pay any attention to cat. Eventually they come around once they know it's safe and you aren't going to hurt them. Results after doing most of these things (all except food treat--he didn't want it and the video/DVD): Over the next few days he quit growling at me, just hissed once when I came close.

Thursday, May 29, 2008: No More Growling
Big Progress When I got home from work I read in Manny's room 40 min. He laid nice on desk for a bit, not even swishing his tail. No hissing or growling. I cleaned his box, gave him fresh water and I sat on chair and read. He jumped down under the desk and laid awhile. Rolled on his back in middle of the room and groomed himself. Walked to the door and sniffed a bit. Ate while I was in there. I refrained from trying to pet him, but wanted to.

Friday, May 30, 2008: Sniffed My Hand!
This morning when I went in to visit with Manny, I read the paper as usual, then read a book sitting at the desk while Manny moved freely around the room and settled next to my chair. I just hung my hand down and he came and sniffed it. I refrained from trying to pet him. I do believe he's coming around. I left to do something and came back in. Manny was sitting on the desk sniffing my book. When I went over to read some more, he hissed at me. I guess I interrupted his reading . . . oops.

Saturday, May 31, 2008: Wendy meets Manny & helps us pet him.

Manny Meets Spunky Doodle!

But the next morning, he was Manny back to his grumpy self and didn't want anything to do with me. I'm not good at being nice Alpha Kitty.

Finally, Sunday we had success! I left Manny and Spunky both free after they explored each other's rooms for an hour and they bonded somewhat. Manny finally came to me for petting for the first time since we had him, and he was like he was the Friday when we first met. Hurray! That made my day!!! He and Spunky get along pretty good too. See how close they are here in this picture? Only about 4-5 feet apart and not hissing or growling! YIPPEE!


Rebecca said...

That was pretty interesting. I love cats, and I do have a tendency to scare new cats because I'm so eager to pet them. But ignoring them makes them want to be around. My niece's cat likes to sit where she's physically touching you, but if you start to pet her she'll run away :)

Samantha & Mom said...

Congratulations!! Aren't we cats just loads of fun! (hehehehe) It's very nice to meet you Manny and Spunky!
Your FL furiends,

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