Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Pickleball Noise Makes Neighbors Angry

I love playing pickleball but if I lived so close to the pickleball courts that I could hear the ball, maybe the noise would make me nuts too, especially if people are playing real early or real late at night.  Fortunately, we live two blocks away from our closest courts so the noise does not reach us.  Apparently though, lots of people are bothered by this pickleball noise as the sport grows in popularity and more courts are being made in neighborhoods.  According the an article my husband found, Shattered Nerves, Sleepless Nights, Pickleball Noise is Driving Everyone Nuts, some people even are moving because of it!    

Below is just a short video of my husband playing so you can hear the sound the ball makes.  

So, what do you think?  Too noisy?


Brian's Home Blog said...

I'd much rather here that instead of some loud car music playing. But not after dark, that would be a little much. We have tennis courts half a mile away and we can he them at night.

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