Saturday, July 22, 2023

Getting Ready for Fantasy Football

Bear wanting some attention while I try to read.

I started reading my Fantasy Football magazines this morning and taking notes on what players I want to draft by position in order.  I try to stay away from picking players from teams in the Browns division because it's hard for me to root for them, but I will make an exception for JaMar Chase.  If I have an opportunity to take him, I will if there's no other player available I want that is as good (in my mind).  Last year I had Mark Andrews on Baltimore, but he turned out to be kind of a bust for me.  I wanted Travis Kelce, but he got picked by someone else earlier than I thought he would!  This happened several times when my next pick got picked before my turn came around.  

I am determined to get at least two elite players this year.  The QB's always get picked really early in the league I'm in so last year I wound up with Russell Wilson who turned out to be a big bust.  He wasn't terrible, but there were quite a few better than him.  I dumped him pretty early for Gino Smith.  I must remember to pick my QB earlier this year!

There are so many really good players, it's hard to decide who my first pick will be!


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