Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Two Wasted Stressful Days of Jury Duty!

Terrible Mail

My husband got the notice in the mail about three weeks ago to report for jury duty downtown at the Court of Common Pleas.  He of course did not want to go, so we prayed that God would arrange things so he would not have to report.  He called Friday to see if he had to go on Monday, and we were delighted that he didn't; however, they said to call again on Monday to see if he had to go on Tuesday.  This alone is anxiety producing and stressful!  Unfortunately, it turned out that he did have to go.  Since he is not familiar with downtown, we both went down on the bus together and I showed him the way.  

We met up with a girl who was there on Monday so she showed him which elevators to use and how to get to the jury room area.  All day was very boring since he never got called.  He brought a book along to read (The Writing Retreat) and a lunch.  He had almost two hours for lunch!  A lady who lives a few streets away from us recognized him from walking our dog down her street quite often and offered him a ride down the next morning with her husband.  We thought that was very nice of her!    

I was stressed out too waiting for his call to give him directions to the bus stop. It was a beautiful day and I couldn't leave the house because he had our only cell phone that we share so I had to stay by our home phone. They finally let them go around 3:00 and he called me for directions to the bus stop because it was different from the one we got off at coming down.  They gave him a bus pass to get home which was nice!  I went to meet him at the bus stop with our dog, Roxy, but the bus got there earlier than I expected so met him part way.  I felt bad I wasn't there to greet him when he got off.

The next day was more of the same, just sitting around doing nothing, hoping he wouldn't get called and have to come back again.  When the lady came out with the certificates, everyone cheered!  As it turned out, he was free to go around 3:15 and did not have to go back.  He hated not being able to walk his dog and be outside.  It's always upsetting when you are forced to change up your routine and leave your comfort zone. 

Even though he ended up having to go, God was still good to him by providing people to make things easier for him. Plus, he'll be getting a check for $50 which isn't bad for just sitting around for two days.


Brian's Home Blog said...

I'm glad I don't have to worry about that anymore. Over 65 is exempt from serving here.

Karen said...

Brian, my husband is 70 so I thought he'd be exempt, but no. In Ohio it's over 75!

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