Friday, July 21, 2023

Day 5 of Kids Summer Shake Up 2023 at Parma Heights Baptist

small group devotions

Today was the last day of Summer Shake Up for this year.  Last night we had a big storm so the grass was all soaked as well as it being much cooler, only 69 degrees at the start, but thank God is wasn't raining!  We did some minor modifications such as playing kids vs. the leaders in a kickball game instead of the water games we originally had planned, and moving our devotional groups to the blacktop at the edge of the parking lot instead of on the grass.  The kids won the kickball game, but being fair to the leaders, we ran out of time before they all got to kick.  I forgot to get a picture of kickball because I was playing!

We were pleased to surpass our goal of $1500 for bedding for the Chain of Love orphanage in Brazil with over $1800!  The verse of the day was I am the vine, and you are the branches.  If a person remains in Me and I remain in him, then he produces much fruit.  But without Me he can do nothing. (John 15:5 Int'l Children's Bible)

game in back parking lot
Our second activity was playing grab the chicken where teams stand across from each other and number off.  One or numbers are called and those numbered kids run to the middle to try to grab the chicken and get back across their line without getting tagged.  Everyone got a turn.  

I only had to make one first-aid trip and one restroom trip today.  At the end, all the kids received a New Testament and a fanny pack.  Those with perfect attendance got to pick a couple snacks to go too.  They were very particular about what to pick.  There was plenty for the leaders to get some too.  I took the peanut butter crackers and Chips Ahoy.

It was a good week!


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That was really fabulous to exceed your fundraising goal, bravo!

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