Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Our Neighborhood Mystery is Solved!

Pickleball courts in Parma, Ohio
I posted not too long ago about a mysterious building project next to the tennis courts right in our neighborhood and now it is done.  Parma replaced the basketball courts with two Pickleball courts.  I think we were the first to play on them. 

Pickleball is a recreational game for all ages and is kind of a combination of tennis, ping pong and badminton.  Game goes to 11 points but you have to win by 2 and you only score when you serve.  You must serve underhand using a whiffle ball and what look like giant ping pong paddles.  The court is smaller and there is a no-volley zone called the "kitchen" which is the green part on either side of the net.  Players are not allowed in the kitchen unless the ball bounces in that area.  In that case, they can go in to hit the ball but must get out right after they hit the ball.  You serve to the opposite box as in tennis; however, you must let the ball bounce at least once on each side before you can hit it on the fly (volley it).

There is a possibility of Parma Heights Baptist Church offering Pickleball in their Sports Camp next summer.  If so, I'll be coaching that!  I'm much better at Pickleball than I am at basketball.

For history of the game and more, check out pickleball.com.

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