Saturday, July 8, 2023

Got A Surprise Package

We got a package from Amazon but didn't order anything.  The name on the box didn't even sound like a name.  It was something like joke oooooo but with our address.  Usually an Amazon delivery truck comes down our street every day so we didn't open it and decided to give it to the driver when the next one came by.  It sat our dining room table for at least 3 days before my husband saw an Amazon truck come and went out with it.  The driver told us we might as well just keep it because even if he took it back, they still wouldn't be able to deliver it to the right person since there was no way of knowing the right address. 

We opened and inside was a toy I never heard of.  It's a Got 2 Glow Fairy Pet Finder!  There are some instructions on the back side of it but very small print and difficult to read through the plastic bag that it is in.  Too bad it wasn't something we could have actually used!  I'm going to give it to a little neighbor girl who walks by our house with her dad all the time.  The funny thing is, they haven't been by in a while, probably due to the bad air quality days we had recently and the high temperatures.  We'll keep a look out.

Have you ever heard or had any experience with this toy?  I even looked at a YouTube video showing someone talking about it, but they didn't seem to quite know what to do with it either!  


Brian's Home Blog said...

Nope, I never heard of that one ever. Strange that it was left behind.

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