Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Day 3 of Kids Summer Shake Up 2023 at Parma Heights Baptist

The double white line is the finish line--
team on right had to start over

Other team had to start over too!

In the 5/6th grade group on Wednesday we reached 40 kids.  Today is a dry day for our activities.  Our first activity was a hula hoop jump relay in the back parking lot.  We had four teams with ten on each and the idea was for the whole team to cross the finish line without stepping outside of a hula hoop.  They could have up to two in one hoop.  This was a great game for teamwork because they had to work together.  The first person had like 5 hula hoops and put down one at a time in front of them and stepped into it, followed by other team members.  If anyone stepped outside of the hoop, the whole team had to go back and start over.  They played two rounds and the winner of each played against each other for the championship.  It was a close race!  

Sharks and Minnows
For the leftover time they played sharks and minnows with the workers being the sharks to start it off.  The kids had to try getting across to the finish line without being tagged by a shark.

The skit focused on Psalm 23 and was about our road trip travelers running out of gas.  The theme for the day was Jesus is the Good Shepherd and we are his sheep.  Also, John 10:9 where Jesus says, "I am the door.  The person who enters through Me will be saved.  He will be able to come in and go out and find pasture."  

Our second activity was back in the woods again, only instead of playing Capture the Squirrel, they played helpers tag.  Most of the mud from Monday was dried up.  This time the ones doing the chasing wore yellow pennies which made them easy to spot.  I was having so much fun watching that I forgot to take a picture!  By the time I remembered, it was too late.  The kids loved chasing each other in the woods!

5th & 6th graders waiting with leaders to be picked up

At the end of each day, leaders bring their small groups back to the tent where they checked in at so parents can pick them up at noon.  The children give their name tags back to their leader when their parent comes to get them and the leader checks them out.  Each grade has their own tent.  

I was a busy runner today making two restroom trips, returning some extra snacks, trying to find the group that was missing a couple socks left by the slip-n-slide, and one trip to first aid at the very end.  Only two days left.  Be sure and check out the posts of the first two days if you missed them:  Day 1, Day 2.   


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