Thursday, July 20, 2023

Day 4 of Kids Summer Shake Up 2023 at Parma Heights Baptist

Thursday we were down to 38 children in the 5th/6th group.  Our first activity today was making a bike plate.  This serves as a souvenir from Summer Shake Up.  They used markers to decorate their plates any way they wanted.  The plates were made ahead of time using a 3D printer.  There were a lot of very pretty ones!

In the skit today, the family on the road trip went to the Grand Canyon and followed "One Way" signs along a narrow path which was related to getting to heaven only through faith in Jesus which gets us on that narrow way that leads to life.  In the skit, the family wound up at a cross where the grandson presented the gospel and his aunt and grandparents trusted in Jesus as their Savior.  Today's verses were:  Jesus answered, I am the Way.  And I am the truth, and the life.  The only way to the Father is through Me,--John 14:6  and Enter through the narrow gate.  The road that leads to hell is a very easy road.  And the gate to hell is very wide.  Many people enter through that gate.  But the gate that opens the way to true life is very small.  And the road to true life is very hard.  Only a few people find that road. Matthew 7:13-14 (Int'l Children's Bible)

The kids got it rocking really well!

Our second activity was the obstacle course which made most of the kids very happy--they love the slip and slide and the water balloons!  In my earlier post from Tuesday, I forgot to show a picture of the bounce house that is also part of it so I'm showing that today.

That wraps up Thursday with only Friday left to go.  Donations for the Chain of Love orphanage in Brazil are coming in good.  


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They sure did a good job on those bike plates!

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