Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet The Owner of The OSU Beetle--A True Ohio State Buckeye Fan!

Ohio State Car

I saw this car in the parking lot at Giant Eagle one day when doing our grocery shopping and left a card on it asking the owner to email me if he/she was willing to be interviewed for my blog. Jaimie, the owner of this great looking car, emailed me and graciously answered our questions about the car and being a Buckeye fan:

The car is kind of football season car for me.  I got the car from a guy in NJ five years back. I had a company in Mentor do the art work. I took them some actual helmet decals and a mini replica football helmet and asked them to make the car look like it.

We love your car! It looks great!

Did you attend Oho State?
I did not attend OHIO STATE just grew up in Columbus where dad was taking us to the games since we were old enough to walk. Dad went there in the 70's and made us loyal to the Buckeyes early on.

Wow, your dad did a great job raising a Buckeye Fan. We would like to get to at least one game!

Do you still attend games?
I attend several games a year and never miss a (tbdbitl) skull session when we go.Most games when I am not attending, we watch down at McCarthy's on the West Bank but I'm open to watch any game anywhere there's a crowd. So if someone has another meeting place for game one on Sept. 2 I'll bring the car and the spirits.Wasn't able to get tickets for that game against Marshall.

We just watch the games on our TV at home.

Do you have any OSU yard decorations or Buckeye stuff in your home?
The house is decorated inside and out.
On game day you would be greeted by an 8 foot Brutus on the front lawn accompanied by many other OSU paraphernalia.
The back yard looks like a tailgate party outside the Horseshoe.
The basement and front room are both decorated in OSU memorabilia.
The car is a lot of fun and gets a lot of attention but it only really just scratches the surface.

There is an 8-foot Brutus one street away from us.  We have lots of Buckeye stuff in our house including sheets and a bedspread but just a garden stepping stone outside.

Who is your favorite Buckeye player?
My favorite player is probably Keith Byars-tail back 1985.  Probably because back then during the spring game we were aloud to go out on the field after and get autographs. He gave me the towel he wore from his belt to wipe his hands off with. Kind of disturbing but I wore that towel playing football in the yard for years when I was young.

That is so nice he gave you his towel.  I'm sure your friends were all envious!

Who is your favorite Buckeye Coach?
Well, I never got to see Hayes in action.  I really liked Earl Bruce and hated to see him go. I thought the University made a big mistake and I know the guys beat that miserable team up North that year for him.  Then to replace him with John Cooper?  Man, those were some dark times for the Buckeyes. Great players came from that era though.

I'm really happy with Tressel. He just keep surprising you more and more every year.  I'm surprised people around northern Ohio like to trash and hate him as much as they do.

We like Coach Tressel too!  

What do you think of the football team this year?
Sports Illustrated just gave us the number 2 spot prediction and Prior is running for the Heisman Trophy. Those bad mouthing us now will be pretty quiet come November when the bowl we attend is announced.  Is this going to be 7 or 8 years in a row that we have Wolverine for Thanksgiving. Can't Rodriguez get a break? He should have seen that Loyd Carr leaving town and jumped in.

I see another BCS title game in the near future and that ought to shut those Ney-Sayers up.

We look forward to a great season this year!  

Did you ever interview a total stranger on your blog?  What is the coolest car you ever saw?
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