Monday, September 20, 2010

Miracle Monday: The Man in the Clouds

For many years, a couple served as missionaries to the Malto people of India without seeing a single person come to Christ. The husband and 3-yr.-old son died, the wife returned to the states feeling devastated, confused, and defeated.

A few weeks later, a JESUS film team arrived in that exact Maltos area. This time the government officials allowed the film to be shown. During the scene at Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River, when His face first appeared on the screen, the crowd erupted with shouts and exclamations. The team had no choice but to stop the film and learn what the commotion was about. “It’s the Man!” they shouted. “He is the One we saw walking in the clouds!”

(On occasion, the Holy Spirit reportedly gives a vision of the risen Christ that resembles the actor who portrays Jesus. It appears to be His way of affirming the truth of His Word to some who have seen or will see the JESUS film.)

It seemed that everyone had seen Him the day the national missionary and his son died. Clouds formed over the hillsides. The vision of a Man, larger-than-lie, appeared above the clouds, walking over their hills, shedding tears. The Malto people suspected that it was a message from God, that He was displeased that they had rejected the gospel.

Now, they were being given a second chance. As the team restarted the projector, the people settled down to continue watching the film. Everyone was transfixed by the story. Then, at the end, the majority of these hard, resistant, Malto people put their faith in Christ! Other miracles followed. People were delivered from evil spirits. The sick were healed. The deep spiritual hunger of many was met. But, the greater miracle is this: where once there were no Christians, there are now 46,000 Maltos believers and hundreds of growing and maturing churches!

From “The Power of Jesus” used by permission from the Jesus Film Project®.

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Rebecca said...


Did you ever notice that many of the Byzantine icons and very old images of Jesus are all very similar? Some scientists have proposed that the reason for this is the image of the face on the Shroud of Turin.

My kids and I once read the story of Samuel Morris, an African to whom God revealed Himself before Samuel had known anything about God. It's a pretty remarkable story. He attended Taylor University, and I think they still have a memorial page dedicated to him.

It is the Man!! :D I love that.

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