Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hurray For The Patriots, Browns Disappoint, Lions Get Gyped

We were happy to see the start of NFL football today and enjoyed watching the Patriots and Browns games. Gerard watched the Patriots game in the basement and I watched the Browns game upstairs with Abby and Manny. (Spunky Doodle is not interested in football and chose to snooze in the quiet of the den.

Gerard's thoughts on the Patriots game

It was a good opening day win! I am very happy. The offense, defense, special teams all score! Brady looks good and did not seem to be affected by the car accident he was in at all--thank God! Young defense was good and bad, but they will learn. The best news is nobody got hurt. Now it's on to the Jets next week. Should be a good one! It was good to see Wes Welker back from his knee injury!

Karen's thoughts on the Browns game

I was so excited to watch the Browns game today and they looked good for most of the first half. They led 14-3 until the last couple minutes of the first half when Delhomme threw an interception that the Buccaneers scored a TD on. All the momentum went to them then. The thing was, it was a bad decision to even throw the ball on that play in the first place. Delhomme hurt his foot and was limping off the field. At least they were still ahead 14-10 at the beginning of the second half, but it went downhill from there. I was surprised Delhomme played the second half with his hurt foot. The Buccaneers had no trouble at all running the ball and making more interceptions. I was once again disappointed.

The Lions Should Have Won!

We flipped over to see the end of the Lions game. With just a few minutes left, they were trying to come from behind and one of the receivers made a great catch in the end zone. Unfortunately, it was reviewed and determined that it was NOT a touchdown. They showed the replay again and again and it certainly looked like a touchdown to us! Even the announcers couldn't tell us why it wasn't a touchdown, or at least we never heard the explanation. All they said was something about a rule that should be changed but we didn't hear what the rule was. Does anyone know? Our sympathy to all the Detroit Lions fans!

The good news is we were not in any football pool this week so did not lose any money--yea!  It was a nice day out so after the game, we took Abby for a walk and I put on some relaxing music to help me calm down enough to write this post.  I really expected the Browns would start off this season with a win.  More bad news is that Pittsburgh won yet. 

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BeadedTail said...

That's too bad that your Browns didn't win but hopefully next week! I enjoyed your reviews of the games! Tomorrow night is the Chiefs game and we're crossing our fingers that they don't lose again.

Karen and Gerard said...

Good luck to the Chiefs!

Daisy said...

We were thrilled that the Dolphins opened the season up with a win! And I got hours of lap-time with my mom!

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