Monday, September 27, 2010

Miracle Monday: Sealed In Safety

In Africa, a respected Muslim theologian lived with his wife and daughter. While he was out of town, JESUS film team set up the movie and his wife and daughter watched from their courtyard. They were afraid to attend because of the man’s position, but the volume was loud enough for them to hear and both trusted Christ as their personal Savior.

When the cleric returned, they told him what had happened. He was furious; he felt they had humiliated him and betrayed Allah. He decided to kill them both. This man sealed them inside their concrete-walled house, locking the strong doors and windows and leaving them without food or water. He told the neighbors that he and his family were going away and would not return for two weeks. Because of the great distance between the homes, he knew their cries for help would never be heard.

Two weeks later he returned. He unlocked the door, expecting to be hit by the stench of death. Instead, he was greeted by his wife and daughter, both standing before him, with joy on their faces. He was incredulous, How could this be? They explained, “You meant to kill us, but Jesus saved us. Every day a hand has appeared giving us food and water. Sometimes it came through the door. Other times the hand appeared through a window. Sometimes it came down through the roof.”

The scholar scoffed and refused to believe. Suddenly, the hand appeared and offered him food and water as well. Severely shaken, he immediately went to a local Christian pastor in the community and told him what had happened. The pastor shared the gospel with him. He became convinced that Jesus was the true God, and he prayed to receive Christ.

From p. 24 of The Power Of Jesus, used by permission from The JESUS Film Project®.

I find it amazing that God kept that mother and daughter alive and that the Muslim leader also became a believer. I guess it would be pretty hard not to believe after seeing his wife and daughter still alive upon his return and seeing the mysterious hand offering food for himself. See, Allah and God are not the same.

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Rebecca said...

Wow! These testimonies are wonderful. I have heard of many kinds of amazing experiences toward Muslims, especially clerics. God is answering prayers!

I like reading these. :) Thanks for posting them.

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